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Still caught up with all of my work, man this is awesome. It's been a bit cold out, it's so nice. I'll probably take a nice, long, stress-relieving bath tomorrow. Not that I don't go for long periods of time without bathing. lol, Good news is here, one of my old high school friends is going to attend my college, it's so neat!

I'm also a bit curious about something though. I wonder (if my college ever had a "Queer club") if I would be accepted. I don't really act effeminate or masculine. I suppose maybe "fitting in" would be the problem that would discourage me. And then my friend would probably be a part of it and he'd probably still be attracted to me.

It would be nice to have a "Queer club" that almost everyone on here seems to have. It then also appears that maybe that's not important and focusing resources toward trespassers. Seriously, we have Identification cards, why not do random checks so we can know who attends and who is just hanging around for no reason.

But whatever. I've still been reading through the Holy Qur'an, still very good. I love reading it. I've started to understand what a nice piece of literature it is, looking at the transliterations of the Arabic there are many rhyming verses. And that is the way it is meant to be recited, through poetry and song for the chapters that are written in that way.

But it will always ring true that many translations will never even be able to echo the beauty of the passages. It's sad but true, but it's still pretty awesome that Holy Qur'an is as close to Allah's word as it gets. Curious though that there were 7th century manuscripts found that were written in Syro-Aramaic.

And some translations from the early manuscripts revealed almost entirely different passages and small word changes to some of the chapters. Who knows? Maybe that was once considered Arabic? See for yourself, maybe you can figure out the secrets and wonders of the Holy Qur'an.