From now on I tell all

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From now on I tell all.

I will never find love except only the short lived kind.

All in the moment, combustion, it's all gone. Burning like a candle from both ends.

I am so scared of opening up again. That means I don't deserve love.

Somebody save me.


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I would... if I could...

But more information is needed on the demons.

Can't proceed without knowing which hex to invoke. :)

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I don't like my body.

I have no self control.

I'm not a very nice person.

I drink too much.

I spend too much money.

How can you find these things attractive?

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No one said I did!

From the exceedingly few and short-lived glimpses we've been allowed... I can assure you that your first objection is yours alone and is not shared by those who should matter to you:

You have a very worthy body!

(Sadly, considering the gulf in our ages, current society obliges your feigned offense were I to be totally truthful: hot.)


The remaining self-criticisms may all possess varying degrees of validity... Dunno! You're there, and I'm half a world away...

Despite your recognition that greater self-control would be an asset... you leave us with no doubt that this acknowledged weakness can be overcome!

You are unique (dare I tell you what this means in Arabic?)... and I'm convinced that given your mental capital, you can become the one deserving of your total self-respect.

Just... Do it!