i Need help please

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this norning my 12 year old sister came up to me and told me she has feelings for both a boy and a girl and asked me too explain it too her (she knows im a lesbian) and i don't know what too tell her shes already had sex edd but dosen't know anything about the birds and the other birds


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I'm not sure what to tell her. But I would assume that maybe you'd say, "Some people feel that way".

Don't worry about your question being unanswered here, activity picks up around the evening or later at night.

And welcome to Oasis Journals. :-)

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thanks it makes it easier to be given a beginning happy got till 3:30 tomorrow to tell her

hmm i wonder if ill get blamed for her having feelings for a girl my mums a homophobe

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Er... If she knows you're a lesbian, and she likes a girl, how do you mean she doesn't know about birds and birds?
Not sure what explaining needs to happen either - maybe just assure her that some people feel that way, like Lone Wolf said.

Age twelve seems like a time when she probably just needs some more information and some more time - no need to do anything just yet except just work toward figuring it all out. Certainly too early to come out to a homophobic parent. Good luck helping her through this, and we on Oasis will always be here to help you if you need.

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Thank You

thanks for your help

she knows im a lesbian because her school did this appceptance thing and part of it was lesbians and she figured it out that and me getting thrown out but i think she knows no more an what a lesbian is but i dont know how much she knows yet

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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Just tell her that it's okay

Just tell her that it's okay to be attracted to girls. She's pretty young, so there's no need to get into complicated, philosophical stuff. No need to give a long speech. Maybe she'll learn one day that she's bi. Or maybe she's just confused. No worries.

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thank you too

thanks for the help i just hope that if she is bi she doesn't tell my mum herself

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies