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Wow it's been a year since i joined Oasis. It has felt long and short.
I still cant remember how I discovered oasis but I am so glad I did. I want to try and write something potent but my head at the moment is a bit cranked. Been working all the way since i got home from school and I am puffed out. Anyway, well i have changed in a year, yes but not much. Its nice just to write out my head in some odd sense, without feeling my worries and my passions to are getting dismissed into total silence. I was always the type of kid who would always want to have a diary and then when I eventually got one, I would do around 2 days and promptly forget/give up. Its is also so strange and wonderful that this site is so mysterious. For once I am the only one who knows and it will stay this way to the people I know. Its just funny to have an enjoyable secret.
So i guess i should say thank you ;)


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seems like you joined a few months ago, and it's actually a year! Stick around!