Last night

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You'll never be alone, and you'll always be loved
Maybe you don't really need any more than that

I feel pathetic and ugly

Sometimes when I'm drunk I talk too much
I just can't shut the fuck up

I had the worst nightmares
About teddy bears
About loneliness
About emptiness
Trying so hard, in all the wrong ways

New ones are just takers and fakers
Old ones are everywhere
But I pretend not to see them

I'm the most spoilt brat in the world

No one will ever make me happy
I thought finding the one was my panacea
And I want to tell myself I'm just too good for it all anyway

But in the end I'll never never win
I've been doing this dance for years now


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two lonely people, dancing

two lonely people,

dancing on either side of the room.
glancing occasionally but