Little things.

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So I just remebered, yesterday was all raining and awful. Mainly because I had to take the bus. So I waited at the stop no big problem, it was raining slightly, had an umbrella. So a little ways down the street stuff flies around outside the bus. It was like a little wind gust. Stopping at the next place the rain was pretty bad.

Thanks to the umbrella everything above my knees was pretty dry. The thunder and lightning was a bit scary but whatever. lol. Got the next bus and got off at the college which had a tiny street flood. Wet shoes, and stained sock and feet from the oils and dirt in the water. I stayed that way for an hour.

I did my hour in the computer lab at anytime and leave whenever after the said hour had been logged. So I went home and it was a little cloudy but not so bad. And I took a nice long warm bath. It was so nice to be reminded of that luxury. I had completed many assignments in the computer lab.

And thanks to my recent completion of a project, I no longer (for the time being) have homework from the developmental class. So I then enjoyed wearing slippers, doing some batin', doing a tiny bit of internet and then relaxing on the couch watching television. It was really nice to fully relax for the first time a week.

Just throwing this out there, but those holiday pancakes at i-Hop are the shit! The "white chocolate chip mint" pancakes are to die for! I just love to eat them so much. I can't help but wish they were available all year. lol