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Im stressing out because all my work for econ is due on thursday. :(
And, i was lazy all triad sooooo this is all my fault.
Oh! i failed my customer service pre-test. So i have to take it again on thrusday too. Which btw i have yetto study for. Fml. I have too much work. I didnt do my econ cause i was stressing about customer service, but then i wouldnt do my customer service crap to catch up on econ. Oh, and i have to learn songs on bass for church since im in the church band lol. But i dont play on sundays cause ive yet to learn and my music teacher there decided he would stop coming to practice cause he lived too far away.
So i pushed that to the shit end of my list of things due.
and i agreed to split econ with the girl who sits next to me in business math. and i've yet to finish. fuckkkkkkkk D:
i should go work on that right fucking now. :(
(sorry for my language ^-^;)


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replace "econ" with

replace "econ" with "chemistry" and you're telling the story of my life.