My Coming out/found out story

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ive seen other peoples coming out stories on this site so ive decided to write my own:

well i knew i was into girls since i was about 11 or so and i had a crush on this girl. well i was too afraid to ask her out and even more of coming out i was her best friend for a while before this. but i eventually got up the corage to tell her at a sleep over at her house i told her i was gay and i was attracted to her she was embarrassed and was OK with it but wasn't gay but she still wanted to be friends we still are. the next day i told matt i was gay and matt was very supportive and happy for me we didn't tell mum and told no one else for 4 years.

i had yet another crush on a friend called AJ. who i had over for a sleep over and i kissed her i didn't tell her i was a lesbian and she was shocked and said "are you gay?" to which i answered "yes" and she said "im gay too" and giggled we started going out in private. a few weeks later we were at her sister abbys sweet 16. we were making out in her room and abby caught us and told her mum. got us kicked out and we left to my house when nobody was in and had sex. we slept in and matt got in first and woke us up and told us mum knew and to flee while we still can. we ran to matts house while matt dealt with a pissed of homophobic mother.

when matt arrived to tell us how it went on. to which he was clutching his arm in pain. he said with a bit of pain in his voice "not too well" but had a very common narstasistic smile on his face but and said "but, she has no idea anyone else knows so you can gather dads side and break it to them". my dads side of the family has a tendency to forgive members of the family but have a hatred for mum so they don't believe her so even if she did it wouldn't matter. so later on the year we moved to a full house which to of our friends moved in to and them my sister and still here for a few years

what a ride but im still with AJ after all these years and thats priceless and would go threw with it again for another 3 years of being with her

so thats my story


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I think that love is a powerful thing, whether its between a girl and a boy, girl and girl, or boy and boy. I really think that people who believe its a horrible thing need to get over it and fuck off (excuse my language). Your story is amazing and I'm happy that through all of the struggles you had to go threw you're still with the girl you like :) Hope everything goes well for another 3 or even more years!

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thank you but dont tell AJ

thank you but dont tell AJ at i showed my feelings i dont want to be crushed again (she gives me a massive bear hug for it) but its all in fun i do the same to her i dont really share these things in person but only on sites like these i do odd but i do really love her :)

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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hey i stopped the bear hugs

hey i stopped the bear hugs after i cracked matts rib

by the way best way to come to come out
i was a little shocked at first even with my suspitions about you i didn't think you had a crush on me i had one on you since the beginning

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you did? and you Did? i had

you did? and you Did?
i had a feeling you got a bit nervous around me sometimes but no i didn't think you were gay i was wrong and happy about that

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies