oh what irony

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i just had to type this up today me and AJ (AtotheJ) went out for lunch. we sat down at a outside table and then it happened Abby AJ's sister was crossing the road oblivious to our presence and with her was joey her girlfriend (there is a comment on my how old were you when you lost your virginity by AJ about Abby coming out).

i called her over (aj says it was the biggest smile on my face for a while) and AJ said i could make 1 joke (also on the poll me and AJ came to an agreement about abby). i made an irony joke about her jokes about our sexuality and shes gay too. so yeah the joke was a good one so we got talking she apologised for kicking us out of her sweet 16 and i accepted reluctantly.

we eventually went home and a hour or so after we got home joey came to the door and started threating me about abby (isn't that cute she thinks she can intimidate me). but of course me being a rock shrugged it off and well that was it till dinner when abby and joey came over and AJ told me she invited them i had suspicions somebody was coming over there were 8 seats normally 6 for everyone. the dinner conversation after jenna left the conversation changed to how abby found out we were gay and she said "i found rainbow in AJs room foundling her" and me and AJ defended ourself and she remarked "well at least i wasn't fondling your sister" we all took massive offense to this matt who normally avoids conflict got really angry i haven't seen him mad in over 8 years. he defended jenna and from the room down the hall Rosie and Racheal shouted through "thats sick abby shes 9" and "she would've been 6 then" and AJ got angry at her sister. the first time since the her sweet 16 and me and abby have hated each other for it and always will.

matt wasn't talking yet he just had a massively angry face. after we were done he threw literally picked abby up and went to the door and threw her out joey left ashamed. i just had to say "see you later, haters" and i hope i don't see them for a while and we were very luck then matt was silent i know that doesn't sound that bad but when he is angry and when he shouts its like nukes going off its that bad it really is THAT BAD.

so that was my day it was pretty bad.


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what a horrible day for us

what a horrible day for us :(

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...and everyone who was

...and everyone who was around us i got asked if we were okay by Tom :(

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies