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Random positive journal....

It's Transgender Awareness Week - here at least - so things of that nature have been happening, although they're so poorly advertised that nobody's been coming to them except people already well versed on the topics.... Actually, all the labels sort of annoy me - we had a big discussion on labels today, and the person giving the presentation said that there are as many genders as there are people, like if you have however many men in a room, even though they're all men, none of them are going to be exactly the same. That irritated me - they're not exactly the same because of individual variation, they're still all the same gender if they're all men. The whole gender thing annoys me right now, probably just 'cause I'm finally comfortable with mine but still don't have a word for it. I really don't care. You can perceive me however you want genderwise as long as you're okay with the fact that other people can perceive me differently than you do. Whatever.

Hmmm... I said that this was going to be a random positive journal..... The positive part is still coming up. Another negative thing is that we don't get to see or even learn about tardigrades while we're studying the other Ecdysozoa. And tardigrades are awesome.

I need to call Marie.... Been intending to do that for at least two weeks now. Tomorrow afternoon I'll call her. Maybe we can meet this weekend or something.

Okay, really, positive stuff now......

Gave a speech about fencing in my communications class today - got to stab a classmate with my foil. That was fun.

And... random dorm stories that nobody will find amusing..... Leah has this thing that's like a fuzzy Hallowe'en ghostie toy thing, and we decided that it is the ghost of Ron Weasley because it has exactly the stupid little face of Puppet Pal Ron.... and apparently it was casting a sort of phallic shadow on the ceiling, because Leah has been telling everyone that 'Ron is the penis!' ...and last night she threw it at me and it hit me in the eyeball.... and we decided that that counts as rape - Surprise Attack with the Penis.
See, random dorm stories that nobody will find amusing.....

In biology lab we studied Planarians (free-living flatworms of the phylum Platyhelminthes, kingdom Animalia), and I got to take some to see if they will regenerate. They're supposed to regenerate when cut into pieces - each piece grows into a whole worm. And sometimes if you cut lengthwise through their heads and not through their bodies, they regenerate both sides of the head and end up with two heads. So now I have a Petri dish of mutilated planarians in my dorm room, along with the two surviving offspring of the lab butterflies... and Leah's one-eyed beta fish.....
Anyway, planarians are really cute. Mutilating them was difficult, even before I looked at them with a microscope and saw their cute little faces.


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I must admit those little "flat worms" have rather funny little faces. They are really amazing in the sense that they can regenerate (if that term is correct).