She Sat Next To Me Yesterday

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And i freaked out and didnt write an entry haha.
I even had to get up to pop a pill >.>;
But yeah.
I've been trying to get a hold of her (through text) so i can clear stuff up.
It feels as if she's been avoiding me since i had to explain myself to her ex about me not making a move.
Maybe that upset her?
She was talking to me at the beginning of the week just fine.
Last couple of days she hasnt responded though. :o
Hm. Maybe i should just....not talk to her?
I do want to explain myself to her though, i feel weird that she knows (as well as everyone else) and that i havent said anything.
But i dont think i'd be able to in person.
I mean im even having a hard time through text. :|
It'd be really awkward if i just walked up to her and told her that i did infact like her, but i dont feel as if i should be making a move given the situation. Oh and i also have to throw in me being a pussy somewhere in there. :P

Sometimes i wish i were straight so i wouldnt have to deal with girls :I.
But then i realize how much i like them, how much i love the female body. The way they think, it's different from guys. Waaaayyyy different. And i like that.
I also wish i could find the right girl. I know i have all the time in the world to, but im an ignorant teenager. Haha. Everyone i really like lives too far away.

So this class just came into the library, and i can tell they're freshmen. And it's bothering me. Or maybe it's just the kid next to me. I'm pretty sure it's the kid next to me. He's damn annoying. Loud and obnoxious. :I.
I think.....i think im going to go work on my latest art project, "Meat Sharks"