Someone PLEASE explain

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So we had a smoke outside

And his favourite song came on

So he held my hand

Walked me onto the dance floor

(Like he didn't want to lose me)

Through the crowd

(Onto the stage)

With everyone watching us

(But he's not gay)

What the fuck is going on.


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1. he's gay but can't show

1. he's gay but can't show it
2. he's straight but way too... "open-minded"

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This was worse than the time when I hooked up with a 'straight' guy at a gay bar.

With this guy we weren't even at a gay bar. So confusing. He knows I'm gay though.

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Did he tell you...

...that he's not gay?

Whatever... can you truthfully say that your libido wasn't stimulated by his closeness to you?

I'd not let him get away too easily...

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Sounds like you're more concerned about how he labels his sexuality than he is... ;-)

Stay apprehensive, but open to surprises?

He might be trying to come out, or might just be one of those straight guys who will sleep with gay guys as long as they don't do anything "gay" (you can blow them, they can fuck you, etc.)

Unless you have feelings for him that could complicate an odd friendship or hookup situation, just see what happens...

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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He told his best friend he

He told his best friend he wants to party with me more often.

Sorry to hammer the point home - he held my hand? Like grabbed it? And pulled me along? And when we were stuck in the crowd he wouldn't let go? It was quite funny because I saw people who noticed me dancing and walking in and out with all my girl friends, then I walked back in with a guy... The look on some people's faces...


My best friend who is a straight guy 'accidentally' hooked up with a dude last month.

I love open-minded people. I don't even know what 'straight' means anymore.