Sorry I never come on here anymore...

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Tumblr takes ALL of my internet time. ALLL OF IT. I've had a recent influx of new followers and new friends. I miss posting here, though. I used to post here every single day back when I actually had an interesting life! Remember that? I now have nothing interesting to say. I'll post some rambling shit here, though, because I haven't been on in so long.

Really, the only thing of interest that has happened since my last post is that I turned 17. I still always accidentally say I'm 16. Sadly, I did not get any strippers for my birthday, but I got this stellar awesome cake, so it was okay.

1.) I hate being a hypochondriac. I've been a bad one ever since I was just a little kid... It's actually gotten a LOT better. The entire year I was 8, I had to be doing something at all times, or else I'd think about THE GERMSSSS and feel fake pains and stuff. Now, I obviously don't do that anymore, but it's still so irritating. Fifth disease is going around my sister's school, and I'm freaking out because I go in there every day to pick her up. I heard it can cause joint pains and stuff in older teens and adults, and that can apparently last a long time... That sounds like it sucks ass. With my luck, I would get that.

All this anxiety really gets in the way, though. Ugh. Every time my back hurts, I'm convinced it's another kidney stone. Every time my stomach hurts, I think I have food poisioning or stomach flu or some such thing. Every time I get a scratch, I just know for a fact I will get tetanus and die. I got a... well, it's not really even a scratch... a few days ago while moving around my bed. It has a sharp metal frame. Hate that thing. I'm always bumping into it. I didn't bleed or anything; like, the skin pulled a little but all it did was show the newer skin underneath, if that makes sense? No opening or blood or anything. I would describe it better but now I can't find it. According to Super Duck Logic, I will still die, however, because there was dust on the bed frame. Yep, even though I washed the "scratch" and put peroxide on it, even though the peroxide didn't even bubble like with an open wound. I hate my thought process.

I don't really know why I am the way I am. My grandma blames my mom for "scaring" me as a small child, but I don't remember any of that. It's really funny because I actually have a damn good immune system most of the time.

2.) I'm so mad. I need to update my driver's license soon, and I left the necessary paper in the office at school. School is out all next week. I never have time to go update it because the stupid freakin' DMV is closed on the weekends. I was gonna update it next week...

3.) Pizza may now become a vegetable. I had pizza today, so, according to the US government, I got my fair share of vegetables today!

4.) Don't you hate it when you are forced to leave your Super Sexy Awesome Fantasy Internet World for, like, two hours, and then when you come back, the internet has exploded with pictures of your Super Sexy Awesome Fantasy Wife kissing some chick who is not her ex-girlfriend-that-you-were-just-now-getting-used-to? And this new chick also does not seem to be as attractive as you are? No? That only happens to me? Okay... :'( If you look at the pictures, she does NOT seem to be into it, though. Hahahaha! Her arms are folded and she is just like nope... But at least all the trolls on the internet who are like, "AMBER HEARD ONLY LIKES WOMEN TO GAIN ATTENTION BECAUSE SHE IS ACTUALLY ATTRACTIVE!" will have to really shut up now.

5.) This fucking picture. That is all. Just... THIS fucking picture. Every time I see it, I laugh so hard. I can't even handle it. I don't even know why. I have actually even started to use it as a reaction image. HIS "WTF" FACE. THE BUTTER IN THE HOTDOG BUN. THE EVERYTHING EVER.

6.) The "Fishsticks" episode of South Park is on. I am soooo happy. Do you like fishsticks, Oasis? Do you like putting fishsticks... in your mouth?


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You are prettier than the

You are prettier than the girl in those photos? Dayum. She's cute.

We've missed you, here, you know. Still no progress in the French Class Girl department?

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Not the blonde one... That's

Not the blonde one... That's Amber. I will never even be a fraction as attractive as she is. I don't actually really know what the other chick looks like so I can't be sure, but I'm guessing based on who some Tumblr people are saying she is.

No progress. FCG never answers ANYONE'S messages/phone calls/emails/texts ever. IG saw her a few weeks ago and they had lunch together, but that's all anyone has seen of her, so I figured that maybe I should just stop trying.

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This may be heresy, but...

....I was actually talking about the other chick. Just from those photos, she looked more attractive to me than your blonde. Not supermegafoxyawesomehot, just cute. I like that.

Are you sure FCG is okay? Not answering anybody's communications ever sounds like more than just busy-with-college....

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Oh. :p That's okay! Again, I

Oh. :p That's okay! Again, I can't really tell much from those particular pictures, I'm mostly going off of some pictures that some Tumblr people said may also be the mystery chick. I'm not, like, stellar sexy or anything. Hahahaha, oh, god, I sound so vain. There is no nice way to word this, so I'll shut up now. Uhh, I'm mostly mad because Amber broke up with her ex-girlfriend Tasya, who seemed cool and made many attractive videos of her, and is now kissing someone who is NOT me.

She answers some people occasionally, but on Facebook allll of her friends are like, "FCG, why won't you call me back?" and "FCG, you never answer your phone, why?" but when she does post on Facebook, she sometimes seems like she isn't that happy where she is. IG said she acted normal when she saw her, though.