thanksgiving, and the reasons I might go to hell

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Thanksgiving was fun. There was genderstuff but I don't really feel like talking about it; it was forward progress but still frustrating, nuff said.


Emily was in for the weekend... on Friday night we hung out with a camp friend of mine, SG, and we got pizza and a ton of desserts at this nearby christmas market. Then Emily and I went back to my dorm and had some excellent sex.

Saturday, after getting brunch with my family and saying goodbye to them all until winter break, it was cleaning time. Nobody can every say that I don't take care of my toys. I boiled the silicone stuff- my cock and a little pink guy that we like for penetrating me- wiped down my harness and the little bullet vibrator, and washed my packer, packing strap, the rodeoh harness, and the various li'l cloth storage bags that I have.

I had just finished putting everything away/hanging things up to dry when there was a knock at my door, which was weird because there really wasn't anybody home in my dorm. I open it up and who was it but the Famous Neighbor (my next-door neighbor is a Disney Channel guy). He said "Do you have, like, a pot or something that I could boil water in?"

I said, "Of course," and went into my kitchen to grab my pot.

After he left, I laughed to myself for a minute, realizing that I hadn't ACTUALLY washed the pot after boiling all my sexy stuff in it... not that anything was dirty, I mean, everything was sanitized, that's the point... but still. A very famous person out there just imbibed some cock-pasta. No big deal.


Then I did an ass-ton of homework. I was supposed to see Jewface for dinner some evening this weekend but the train to hers is fucked ( so I couldn't make it out there.


Today, I took emily back to her bus so she could go home. My heart's not in it. My heart's not in her. I can't do this. I shouldn't do this. It's not fair. She's fine with all the slutting and flirting that I do, we have full disclosure, she knows, she likes it even, but my head isn't in it and that's the issue.

I have a lot of thinking to do.


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I don't consider the pot being a reason to go to hell. lol

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i don't either. it was just

i don't either. it was just silly.

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'A very famous person out there just imbibed some cock pasta. No big deal.'
Funniest thing I've heard today. Bloody hilarious. And only we will ever know? Muahahahahaaaaaa.....

Terribly sorry about the girlfriend troubles. Really, very sorry.

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you and emily will know. and

you and emily will know. and anybody else who i choose to tell.

what's real sad about the girlfriend stuff is... I'm not that sorry.

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Just by being sodomites we already go to Level 7 of hell.
And hell, I'm not sure exactly what Dante meant by "flatterers" but I enjoy flattering people, sometimes a little too much, and so for that I have to go to Level 8. Poor me.
I'm not sure what level you'd get for giving a famous guy an unwashed sex-pot...

Yeah, sorry about the girlfriend... Dunno what to say...