the issue of texting (help me out with this one, guys)

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We hung out sunday night. kissed goodnight. he texted me after and we back-and-forthed for a bit.

We hung out on Monday night. (i texted him to initiate the hangout) Kissed a lot.

On Tuesday, the only contact was I "liked" his new facebook profile picture.

Wednesday, today. I wrote on his wall, said "so my girlfriend asked to see more pictures of your face and now she TOTALLY wants to make you her sex slave..."
To which he replied: "hahaha ohh man."


a) text him tomorrow afternoon: "happy thanksgiving, elliot. say hey to your evil puppy for me."

b) text him friday: "so, am I always going to have to text you first, too? =P"

c) wait until he texts me (possibly indefinitely, probably till Monday when he gets home)

d) other: specify in comments.


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Well I would go for choice a I suppose. This seems like it would make way for a casual friendly conversation hopefully. How do you feel about that option?

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Definitely choice a! You

Definitely choice a! You want to talk to don't make it a chore analyzing when you should do what you want, do what you want when you want :)

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Another vote for A,

Another vote for A, definitely. :)

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I cast my vote for A. Looks

I cast my vote for A. Looks like it's unanimous :P

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i'd say C.

i'd say C.

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B seems incorrect, as he texted you first after you made out, no?

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Does your girlfriend know you're cheating on her?

It seems weird that your showing her pictures of the person you're having an affair with.


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it's not cheating- we're in

it's not cheating- we're in an open relationship.