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Autumn is always so lovely. I can't stop looking at the window.
The sunlight bleaching the leaves a golden skin but you still get that catch of fresh wind to wrap you up inside you're coat. I love it as it's the most sentimental,nostalgic and cinematic time of the year. Except i feel i just look at as an observer. I was watching 'You've got Mail" for casual fun (plus its set in this season!) and Meg Ryan says a line something like how "lots of things in my life remind of a book but should it not be the other way round." That struck me for something that i somewhat go through. I look and love but don't live enough. Maybe i do but i am to selfish to realise it. Having a Poetic life is just the thing crave most for the future now. I know it may not be what may come, but i'll try. Just wish i did not have to do it all in my head.


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in my opinion Autumn is lovely but is only rivaled by Winter's relentless and almost oppressive cold not to mention the lovely snow! Of which (snow) I witnessed for the first time back in February of this year. lol

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Yes the snow is always magical but when its wet, dark and all the nature is dead its not the most picturesque scene. But i do love dressing when its super cold with all the gloves, hats and big sheering coats

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And... recall the joy...

...it's a raging blizzard outside, no central heat, your bedroom is well beyond just cold, blankets upon blankets cover your bed... and your mom has just taken 2 heated flat irons off the kitchen wood-burning stove, wrapped them in the evening newspaper, and placed them under the covers at the foot of your bed.

That's true winter joy!