World AIDS Day is Right Around the Corner

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December 1st is World AIDS Day. For those of you that don't know exactly what that entails, it's a day to bring awareness to the importance of testing and knowledge about this growing concern around the world and here at home.

Me personally have known and/or know a few people that have confided in me about having this horrible disease and they don't deserve it. Lets help each other and put a stop to the spread of HIV and other life threatening diseases.

Here in the U.S. over 1.2 million people have HIV and the rate of infections are growing every year. This is a problem that affects people of all walks of life not just gay or strait or any types of races.

The problem with the disease is that most people don't know that they're infected because HIV is asymptomatic meaning it doesn't always show symptoms. In fact the most common symptoms of a newly infected person is just flu like symptoms that are usually mistaken for, well, the flu.

That's why in December of every year organizers around the country push for people to get tested. Besides regular use of condoms it's one of the best defenses against contracting the disease.

So this year, as I do every year, I'm getting tested. Are you? Do you regularly get tested for STDs and HIV? It's important so don't forget!


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HIV is scary

HIV is scary

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Yeah really.

I've had terrible dreams in which I mysteriously contract it. It's some scary shit.

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I think everyone has thought

I think everyone has thought about it like that in one way or another. When I was 12 someone told me about it and I thought I had it from fooling around with a friend of mine. Unwarranted but I was young and scared.

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Okay. Well.

I don't know if there's a tactful way to say this, but you might want to think about changing your profile picture. You could even just change it temporarily; I just don't think it's really fitting with the rest of the journal.

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I suppose I could. But I'm a

I suppose I could. But I'm a happy kinda guy. And there's nothing shameful or "sad" about my post. Just talking about what's going on and trying to help save people from going through things that Ive seen others go through.

I may change it to a less crazy bright face though.

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I thought it was pretty appropriate!

Cause it was like such a cheery, friendly reminder post and stuff. It was like a comfortable soul giving us advice and the happy face just matched.
I dunno :P
That's redick!