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Mrs. History Teacher is trollin' me so hard. You see, this weekend (Sunday) is my 17th birthday. Mrs. History Teacher thought of a WONDERFUL present for me. It is something every 17-year-old loves: AN ESSAY! I get to write a huge essay on shit no one cares about! I am so loved! She also made sure to be a huge bitch about it. I said I was going to be out of town Friday and would miss class, so she gave me Friday's homework. Friday's homework is a huge essay AND one of the pointless 15-question pages due on Monday. She also had the nerve to say, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUPER DUCK, I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT ONE... AND DON'T FORGET ALLLLL THAT WORK!" with the fuckin' Trollface expression. I bet she knew it was my birthday and assigned all that shit just because she hates me. Gonna cut a bitch.

Friday was glorious. I skipped school and went shopping at this nice mall a couple hours away. I brought my mom since it's not the safest city, and I am not entirely sure how to get there. I bought about $70 worth of clothes, some shoes, Zelda for the 3DS, and a cute kitty keychain. :3

While we were there, I also dragged my mom to see a certain movie since our theater at home isn't getting it. The theater we went to was bitchin' amazing, by the way. Anyway, yes, I've never read the book it was based off of, but The Rum Diary was VERY relevant to my interests because the movie involved my goddess Amber Heard, who was ultra freaking gorgeous in the movie, as always. I tried to tell my mom allll about how Amber is mega amazing and wonderful and sexy and the current object of my affection/obsession, but my mom, of course, didn't understand. ("Yeah, she is very pretty, but why do you think she is sooooo sexy? She doesn't do anything for me." OF COURSE SHE DOESN'T, MOM, YOU ARE STRAIGHT! YOU DO NOT ENJOY SEXY WOMEN!) Mom also did not understand all those years ago when I aspired to be the Pokemon Master... She never understands my massive obsessions. I do not see what is so hard to understand about them! It was perfectly understandable for a 5-year-old to want to become the Pokemon Master, and it is perfectly understandable for a 17-year-old to have a huge crush on a sexy chick.

But I was so "OMG YAY MY SEXY CHICK!" that I kind of, um, forgot to eat... About 10 minutes after we left the theater, the most intense hunger of my entire life hit, so I got some chicken nuggets to hold me over until we went for Chinese food. I ate like a huge fatty, but, hey, it is my birthday weekend.

Not sure what my plans are for tomorrow. I should write that damned essay, but I will probably play Zelda instead. On Sunday when it's my actual birthday, we'll probably all go somewhere to eat as a family, and I might get some cards or something. I don't like "family" events much because it gets so awkward to have my parents together, especially since they hate each other and my dad usually brings his girlfriend for some reason. I am also not fond of going anywhere with a certain 8-year-old. Did you know that my mom bought her a present today? Yes, SHE always gets a present on MY birthday because it's apparently "not faaay-yuuurrr" that I get presents... gasp... for my birthday. How dare I get presents on my birthday, right? Ugh, the nerve of me! I am obviously a terrible person because I get to be in the limelight once a year. How dare I not consider the ~hurt feelings~ of a spoiled brat?