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This is just odd.

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When are you going to stop this?

It's getting annoying.

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There's really nothing cool about an empty journal. It doesn't tell us anything but the fact that you're upset and we're supposed to question it and ask what's wrong, but frankly, it's done in such a attentionseeking manner I frankly don't care much.

I dunno what's going on with your life, but if you changed your attitude and your mode of creating happiness I can assure that you'd feel much better. Your behaviour is worrisome and ineffective.
That's redick!

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Come on dude,

you have a great life from what I've observed in your journals, maybe I'm wrong. But you have a life and you should enjoy it.

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he's probably meaning to type something, but too high on ecstasy or some other drug as of late to actually know he's not typing anything, am I right max? I don't mean to sound like a jerk, and you know I'm not...but every journal lately in which there has been substance, all you mention is friends, partying and drinking. ease up, dude!

and btw, there is no way in hell you should have body image issues max, you are fit as hell compared to me, who put on like 30 lbs in a month!

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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you'd better be right, and this is a mistake.

If not, I dunno. The purpose of a journal is to express feelings and remember things, probably, right?
If you had a personal diary you wrote in, that you let no one else see, granted, you might have written that one-liner journal about being ugly and pathetic or something, but you wouldn't have put this, for the simple reason that it's nothing.
You can't just put nothing in a journal.
No, but you didn't put it in a personal diary, you put it here on Oasis, which means that you were intending for us to see it, and since the original 2 reasons for writing journals I mentioned aren't fulfilled by writing empty journals, that leaves just that you want us to see this and think, I dunno what, that you're cool and deep and mysterious and pained and we'll never understand you so we might as well just get down and worship you now.

Maybe you didn't consciously think that, but either this is a mistake, or it's just pissing me off. And I really used to like you.

You can pity yourself if you want, but don't expect us to do it for you. When I write journals, if I have problems, I either write about them and explain them, and maybe you guys can help, and even if you can't I feel a little better just by writing it out and understanding it a little better.
But I try not to reference pains without explaining them for the simple purpose of being dramatic. And then calling us pathetic for calling you out on it.