A letter to my younger self

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this will be very long, but please read this took me a while. Can i please get some feedback on this thanks

Dear Dumb ass (aka me) me, you whatever, stop bitching about everything, but most importantly it gets BETTER! thats probably the only thing i ever wanted to hear from 8-15, they are people who will HATE you just remember you are better than them and could if it gets to that kick there ass.

first off some stupid things to avoid,

DO NOT (15) eat that sandwich you know that one the one your dared to put every condiment know to man you WILL BE SICK FOR A WEEK!.

DO NOT (13) obsess over Ashley she IS straight it almost's wrecks your friendship.

DO NOT (17) text and drive, DONT you'll never live it down and Matt will annoy the living crap out of you for wrecking his car.

DO NOT (18) have sex on the couch, you will have to wash it everyday because of Matts stain/smell phobia it ain't worth it.

DO NOT (8-14) fight with Matt he WILL pin you down for a long time and make you apologise he may be very calm and Happy but is INCREDIBLY STRONG.

DO NOT (18) freak out over Jenna basically just don't.

DO NOT (16-for see able future) let Matt buy that camera he will take photos of every little thing from drunkenness at the pub to sleeping on the couch.

DO NOT (15) let mum any where near you SHE WILL hurt you and everyone your close to.

DO NOT (12) get depressed over the littlest things seriously.

OK now most off the WORST avoidable things are done heres the things i should have done.

DO (14-15) make it more obvious for AJ she didn't think about it much.

DO (15) beat the crap out of that Catholic guy, he won't leave till you do.

DO (15) let Matt beat the crap out of the Catholic Guy's Dad, HE DESERVES IT.

DO (8-18) Attempt to get over stage fright, OR YOU WILL spend a large portion of your trials PARALYSISED with fear.

DO (17) get that car you will need it, Even if you still get your license suspended.

DO (15) take the first chance to say your gay to our friends AJ, Rosie, Racheal & Kirsty are gay and (just learned this) Hopes Bi .

Now some truths that if someone from the future would have told me i would have a Permanent smile.

YOU (15-possibly forever, hopefully) do end up with AJ.

YOU'VE (17 & 18) only been in jail twice, overnight, quite happy about that.

YOU (15-for see able future) inspire a coming out frenzy with your friends & family.

YOU (15) will be pleased with you final grades Borderline General Credit AKA a level 2.

YOU (17-for see able future) will be Jenna's Mother Figure.

YOU (18 i think) will be a Aunt (not yet though).

wow ive got even more Regrets & Wishes but enough for know, this did take a while. hope you liked


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very specific

When I was 17 there was a very popular song called everybody's free to wear sunscreen, it was like the letter to myself I wished somebody had given me when I hit puberty. I still (more than a decade later) quote it to my friends and myself whenever life gets to be... life, it's not so specific but it might help with the future check it out.

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never heard that song till

never heard that song till now liked it but im guessing i would have liked it more if i was from your generation since more than a decade ago i was a little girl so :\ but still liked it

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