Attention span? What's that?

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More insane grandma updates! She tried to destroy my dad's relationship with his girlfriend. Yeah, she told her that she thought my dad was going to fuck my mom again or something horrible like that. Either Granny is mad because my dad yelled at her for calling me a bitch, or she doesn't want him to get re-married and move into his own house. Granny is also trying to act like Saturday never happened. She keeps calling my house and occasionally my phone, but I never answer it. I refuse.

So, the semester exams this week suck total ass. English was the only easy one. I actually think I failed my pre-cal exam... Oh well! Fuck pre-cal! AND I MADE A B ON THE HARDEST ONE EVER! YES! Suck it, chemistry! Tomorrow is APUSH. Ughhh. I don't understand why we have to have an APUSH semester exam when we have that huge official one at the end of the year that encompasses the entire course. I should study, but I do not give a fuck about APUSH.

"Look At All the Fucks I Give" is my favorite meme, for I give zero fucks. Also, I love that .gif the best out of all of them, because it is clear that Winnie the Pooh also gives zero fucks. His expression is perfect.

This is how I have mainly studied APUSH tonight:

I had to take my pre-cal exam in the old French classroom. Ended up in FCG's old seat, too. It made me really sad. :'( I think I still miss her, which is totally pathetic. I just try not to think about it.

But, uh, I would like to take a moment to talk about something that I do give MANY fucks about. You know those two bills SOPA and NDAA? SOPA is an internet censorship bill, and to my understanding, NDAA is a bill that has been passed before, but this new 2012 version gives the government the ability to indefinitely detain anyone, including regular American citizens, they suspect of being a terrorist without any due process. I don't like either of those bills... NDAA may have passed today, and I think they are still negotiating SOPA.

I am legitimately afraid, you guys. If they can do all this, what can't they do? You know, this is really weird, and I'm sure I probably just sound like a classic conspiracy theorist or something, but I occasionally get this massively intense wave of paranoia that the government is spying on everyone. Things like this definitely do not help ease that.

Anyway, so remember last journal when I was all GLORIOUS BRAIN-MOVIE TIME? Well, I accidentally got the best idea ever, and now it's distracting me while I try to study. It legitimately NEEDS to become a thing. I gave the characters names and a story and everything! Okay, so you guys wanna hear the amazingness?

...CRIME-FIGHTING LESBIAN UNDERWEAR MODELS! FUCK YEAH! Okay, so these two chicks are sexy underwear models as their day job, and at night they fight crime with their pet unicorn, Mr. Awesome. The main antagonist is CHEMISTRY MAN, an evil chemistry overlord who traps the people of Sexyville in prisons and forces them to do horrible chemistry exams.

This is what happens when I try to study and my brain gets pissed off. I actually started drawing pictures. Hahaha.

You guys would come see my movie if it ever actually existed, right? :D


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I would watch that movie i

I would watch that movie

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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YES! At least one person

YES! At least one person would watch my movie! :D

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don't forget this idea i

don't forget this idea

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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so would sounds cool...

~"i'm a real Witch, Before, During AND After my coffee!"

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Yay! :D

Yay! :D

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lmao your movie sounds

lmao your movie sounds amazing...Wow, I love hot lesbian underwear models. I hate chemistry class. This would be my favorite movie, please, proceed with the production. Oh, scene idea: crime-fighting babes burn down mole hotel. (my chem teacher used the phrase 'gotta go to the mole hotel' so we didn't forget to convert into moles)

Concerning the bills, I haven't heard much information on them. But, seriously, the ability to detain anyone indefinitely without due process? This is ridiculous..soon they'll be detaining people with alternative political views, gypsies, strong non-mainstream religious views in this country (sound familiar?), ..people who microwave mac n cheese. ..I wonder if they'll detain them in places like Sunshine, Wyoming. Or various old Japanese internment camps in the West. Okay, this may be an extreme outlook on the power this bill could give. But I'm pulling from very real (maybe excluding the discrimination of microwaving mac n cheese people) and extreme examples from history.

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YES! I like this idea a lot.

YES! I like this idea a lot. Hahaha.

I know... There's a bit on SOPA floating around, but I haven't heard much on NDAA at all. NDAA is scary as hell. When you think about it, they really could do anything and just abuse their power and detain anyone who doesn't like it... It opens some REALLY nasty doors.