Bargle nawdle zouss

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Well, at last the roommate problems are starting to actually be problems. This may call for a lightsaber duel. This is why I'm glad I got a triple room.

The menagerie here is doing surprisingly well - both caterpillars are now chrysalises (that really should be chrysales, but spellchecker disagrees - speaking of chrysalis-related not-words, Leah has taken to saying that our caterpillars 'chrystalized'), even the one that had mold on its head and I was sure it was going to die; six planarians are still alive, and some of them probably even regenerated, because I don't think I left six unmutilated; Leah's one-eyed beta fish is still alive despite her predictions that it would die within the first week. She wanted to bring in a squirrel today, but that was never even a possibility. Tomorrow we're going to see the wintering butterflies, so there is some chance that we might pick up another pet. I have no idea what's going to happen to all these beasties next week when Christmas break starts. None of this has anything to do with the roommate troubles.

In the dorm corridor there are these two alcoves that used to be telephone booths before everybody got cell phones and the school put a corded phone in each room. The booths are still there, minus the telephones, and people sit in them and get dust everywhere because nobody ever vacuums the phone booths. So yesterday I took some big red paper and did this:

(Neighbor's face and university logo on sweatshirt blurred out for privacy)

It was fantastic. Several of us decided that we could use it whenever we needed to make a cell phone call. Then we squished eight people into it, just like every tourist to London does, only without the London.

But then of course the Resident Adviser deemed it a fire hazard. It's one piece of paper in a brick building that's never exposed to flame. But whatever. Apparently it's allowed in the room but not in the corridor, despite the fact that its chances of being exposed to flame in the room are probably slightly less low than in the hall, plus in the room there are more things for it to spread fire to. But whatever.

And of course there's no space for it in the room. So I put it over my wardrobe, just temporarily. But then this morning of course I needed to access my wardrobe to get clothes, so I moved the phone booth to Zephyr's bed - it's not like she ever uses it anyway.

Then Leah and I went out for a nice day of shopping for things she needed (I don't like shopping, but we didn't spend much time actually shopping) and seeing the town while we were at it. We had to walk rather a long way from the bus stop to the thrift store, so we got more exercise than we have in a while.
And we talked to a young guy with a backpack on the bus, turns out he was newly homeless and hoping to make his way to Canada. It sounded like his dad had kicked him out a couple of days ago. I wondered whether it was because he was gay - kicked out by his dad and wanting to go to Canada.
We gave him some of our food. And we checked out the Mission and the cemetery (there's a pyramid with three people in it in the cemetery) and the old 1950s ice cream shack and maybe some other things, I don't know. And it was nice.

Then we got back and Zephyr had left a very pissy typed note (with deliberately nice phrases painfully worked in) about how she pays for 1/3 of this room even if she doesn't use it often, and we - actually, she aimed it at Leah even though most of the offenses mentioned were my fault - need to respect her space more and not leave paper chains on her desk and telephone booths on her bed and how she's going to be taking her food out of the freezer because we are always complaining about how it's been in there all quarter and she hasn't eaten it. Something about respecting our freezer space, she said, like she wants us to respect her desk space and her bed space and presumably the floor as well. 'Cept that we don't care about the freezer space, we've been wanting to eat the food because it is Persian food and Persian food is delicious.

She didn't mention anything about how one of us hid her shoes one time and she didn't find them for weeks. She probably thinks Leah did that, because she doesn't like Leah, because Leah is loud and overwhelming, but I was the one who hid the shoes.

So maybe we need to have a lightsaber duel. Certainly we need to have a serious discussion in person if she's ever here again. Maybe she and I should trade desks, my desk is a lot more private, and safer from infringement.

The phone booth can probably go behind my periodic table that I made... Unless Zephyr takes my desk, then I don't know what'll happen to the periodic table or the phone booth.

Maybe Leah or I will get the Resident Adviser a fire extinguisher for Christmas.

Maybe we're the ones being douches and we just need to respect our roommate's 1/3 and the fire hazard rules.