Eh, I'll never understand

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So, I'm sick. Still. And I thought I was going to be better by the end of Monday, completely better on Tuesday. Wrong, Saturday night now, still sick. Sicker, even.
Whatever, I guess.

You know what's kinda interesting? Tomorrow I'm going to my school to play the Messiah with our orchestra. No one ever breathes a word of complaint, I wonder how many complaints the school'd get if we were playing the Buddhist Messiah, the Muslim Messiah, or God forbid, the Atheist Messiah.
I'll never understand, I really don't care that it's a Christian piece, it's pretty cool nonetheless, even though I'm *gasp* not a Christian.
Although no classical pieces will ever be as cool as the Große Fuge.

But at least the Messiahs way better than when we play a Fantasia. Fantasia sounds like just one song, but no, there's billions of them, all by different composers, and they're all the same clichéd bullshit.
Just all the beautiful, singing violins, and the contrapuntal harmonies, and it's all the fucking SAME. Why doesn't anyone ever realize how boring 90% of anything Romantic ever written is total boring bullshit, a fair bit of Classical too, most of the more interesting stuff is Baroque or Contemporary. Contemporary's where it's at, man.
Not that you can't find any interesting Romantic or Baroque orchestral or piano pieces, but I'd say most interesting orchestra music is contemporary, and most interesting piano music is ragtime.

But I'm narrowminded like that.

CAG's being cool again, we talked a few more times. I keep trying to high-five him when we pass in the hall and then he's all smiling and like no, no and then I demand it, and he gives me a little half-ass one. It's fun, we're so flirting. I'm not really in a hurry.

And for some reason, I feel like I'm out of the loop of morality. I mean, everyone else seems to have this Code of Morality based on, I dunno what, and I don't really have Morals in that sense of the word.
Like I read this Wikipedia article about Nazi medical experiments, and apparently, almost everything we know about how the human body reacts to freezing comes from those Nazi medical experiments, and some doctors today feel wrong morally using that data.
And I don't understand why, sure, it was got in a terrible way, and we'll probably never know much more about the subject, but why not use the data now that the damage has already been done?
Maybe it sounds callous, but it's just practical common sense.

And then some people have morals about not swearing, or about not doing drugs or something, or avoiding lust, and I still don't understand.
Is there somewhere else, other than practical reasons, where morality should come from?

Most often the excuse used is God finds lust offensive, God finds swearing offensive, and I really don't know why he would.
I really think God would have bigger fish to fry than tracking arbitrary linguistic patterns, from cunnus Latin for "vulva", to our modern-day cunt, then tracking when we intentionally use these arbitrary patterns of sound. And he doesn't even set the standard for what's offensive, we do. Cunnus originally wasn't vulgar, it was just like our "vulva" or "vagina", and then it went to cunt and became vulgar, and then God picks up on that?
And then punishes people eternally for using those patterns of speech intentionally?
Isn't there better things he could be doing? Like however many murders mugs and rapes happen every day, shouldn't he be tracking those?

Same with lust. Why would God find masturbating offensive?
We used to think there were health deficits that came with it, but now we know that there are literally zero, as well as numerous benefits such as greater fertility, lower incidence of prostate cancer, and lower heart rate.
And so then God makes it both pleasurable and with dividends for your health, and then takes offence to it and expects you to know that from the spoutings of annoying old people?

There's so many things people call immoral, euthanasia, old people who are sick and going to die, who want to die sooner to avoid the pain that comes at the end, and then it's somehow immoral to fulfill their wishes?

I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I feel like I really don't have a code of morality, per se, just the hopefully most pragmatic thing to do. I just don't understand why people think there's like some Absolute Morality that isn't connected to pragmatism...

I'll never understand.

Anyway, g'night guys.


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Aw I'm sorry you're still sick!

I was super assbackwards sick last year with bronchitis at Messiah! I lost my voice and had coughing fits WHILE PLAYING XD So I mean.. it was pretty sucky.

I hope you have the same time show as me :'3

That's redick!

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lol at Romantic and Classical music, it really is all the same. Anything before the Classical music era was where it was at. Anyway, I hope you feel better soon, if anything progresses you'll know what to do and what I always recommend (to everyone).

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Not the same at all!

Not to be a huge music faggot but there's lots of differences between the two eras! Rococo and Baroque/Romantic sound similar, but only because Rococo was between the two...

Anyways! I supposed to the untrained ear they'd be quite similar, but they really aren't :P It's a bit like the rock styles over the year... you can tell the difference between metal, screamo, punk, and grunge... But they're all in the same subgenre with the same instruments.
That's redick!

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