Electro House

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Remember that software I just got? Well, I made a song with it (and I will make more). I encourage you to check out my Sound Cloud page http://soundcloud.com/samavade.


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Went there... listened...

My response: An interesting sequence of sounds that adhered to a tempo. Is that what it takes to qualify as "music" (song)?

Keep trying!

Can you come up with something I might be able to recall later and either hum or whistle (from memory)? Or, does this date me... irredeemably?

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It wasn't good,

but I'm still getting used to the software. I need to find out how to make more background sounds and better rhythms. Anyway, you can't really hum house and dubstep.

And trance music isn't that catchy.

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I just got NI Massive.

My next song will be much better.