First Gay AA Meeting

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This evening I attended my first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Bremerton WA. I was fortunate enough to find a gay/lesbian oriented meeting to attend, especially on this side of the Puget Sound. I wanted to make sure that if I was going to take this serious and open up to my recovery, I do so in an environment where I did not need to have barriers up. I was excited that the meeting was held at a local Episcopal church because I grew up Episcopalian. Due to the spiritual based rehabilitation that AA offers, I think it will benefit me to reestablish my former spiritual ties with God. Its not that I don't or didn't believe, I simply “lost my way” and drifted from my religious upbringing. This was my first gay social interaction since the Seattle Pride in the summer. I wish it was on better terms, but what better group to open up wholeheartedly and fully immerse myself into with welcome hugs and handshakes. I knew I was at the right place because one of my first interactions was with Linda, and she welcomed me with a generous and caring embrace. I almost teared up before I could even introduce myself! My group was a mix of younger and middle aged lesbians, a couple elderly gay men, a delightful transvestite, a young twink, and a fellow sailor I recognized from my treatment program. The other sailor and I awkwardly acknowledged each other but then I reassured him of my discrepancy regarding being gay and in the military. Later on in the evening I ended up giving him a ride home and befriending him in greater length. The meeting to me went much like clockwork as I had assumed they were conducted. Everyone introduced themselves and shared a bit about how they were doing and why they were in attendance. Even though it was my first meeting, I felt confident enough to open up and share my brief synopsis and how grateful I was for such a welcoming and friendly first encounter with the organization. Upon the group's completion of sharing, I felt how fortunate I was that my situation hadn't or at least hasn't become as dire or devastating as multitude of others. I almost felt like I was a fraud with little to show for my recent acceptance of my disease. As I contemplated my situation more through the evening I realized I should be grateful that I was accepting and attempting treatment before things began to unravel further. I quickly regained my sense of belonging and eagerness to attend many more meetings with my newly found friends.


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Welcome to Oasis!

Did the question cross your mind as to why a Christian church would offer an AA program specifically for gays and lesbians?

That question aside... if you indeed do have a drinking problem, I sincerely hope that you will soon be able to shake alcohol's control.

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Dude another Washingtonian!

This is awesome. And I'm glad everything went so well!
That's redick!

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We have gay AA groups in bremerton???

I thought all there was was the out kitsap guys and the q center (under 22) Either way, kitsap is not very gay friendly compared to seattle. there are some open minded folks there though! welcome to oasis!

hell...nother alcoholic, beer loving peninsula resident.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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btw, welcome to oasis, dude.

btw, welcome to oasis, dude. don't worry about the whole gay in mil thing, tons of submariners from keyport are gay, but not out...ok. not tons, but i have known a few of 'em, and probably some shipyard guys too...unless rick perry becomes prez, you are safe for a bit. haha.

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You actually think...

...this journal is posted with the best interest in mind of alcoholic gays?

"Conversion" therapy much more likely! Have you checked the very rudimentary website?

I'd welcome being disabused of my suspicions...

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where did I hint @ that, elph?

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman