Haha this made me laugh

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i was looking through some old boxes and found a video of me & Rainbow coming out both as gay and going out

there reaction? They knew.... i love how rosie said it "well, duh, the way you stared at each other, the way you play, the way you talk about each other and the kiss last year was no way platonic you really thought we didn't know thats funny" she continued to laugh in all fairness it was quite obvious

when she stopped she continued "come on when... Racheal... said that... you too make a... cute couple it i could see it aaaaaaaand when you said you might have a crush and looked at AJ you really thought we didn't see that" and laughed again


i guess if you obsess over someone for a couple of years people will notice, so maybe the people who obsess over people here but haved told anyone people may have noticed

but the video made me laugh if i can i'll upload it but most likely can't


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DO IT!!!

PLEASE find a way to upload it!!! I want to know what everybody here looks like! I NEED TO SEE THAT VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i don't like sharing pictures & videos of me but if my brothers scans his drawings i can upload them or can give you a description sorry ive got a fear of showing pics or videos

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies