Happy one day, Depressed and Phsycotic the next

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well we need a new house phone, Matt needs a new Mobile and if i Can't fix it we'll need a new door.

Rainbow threw out the phone and matt ripped his phone in 2 and nearly completly broke the front door with no effort what so ever.

well i need to explain, yesterday was a great day for us a family tradition on the 2nd of december my Mum & Dad held it last year now its our turn to host it. so my family (excluding Abby) came over but so was Rainbow's Dad so all in all there was about 14 people.

my 25 year old half sister Becky & her boyfriend Warren, my 22 year old brother Jack (who is also gay), my 12 year old sister Taylor, Me & Rainbow Obviously, Rainbows 22 year old brother Matt (who lives with us) & his girlfriend Ruby, Rainbows little sister Jenna (Maximum_Jennadrive) (who also lives with us) and Rainbows Dad as well as Rosie & Racheal who also live with us.

so we all had fun Taylor & Jenna are friends, Dad and Rainbows Dad are very like each other (i thought it would be the bad momment when to dads meet each other sort of like Neo Geo wild where a male encroaches on anothers territory) Matt & Jack are good friends, Becky & Warren helped fix Rosies Hair Problem, Ruby and Racheal Get along it was a great night.

but this afternoon, Rainbows mum called and Her and Rainbow Constintly Cursed and Shouted at each other for over an hour til Rainbow Slammed the Phone down, unplugged it and threw it away. then her mum called matt who snapped his phone in half effortlessly and almost broke the door as he left. rainbow was sluched on the couched with a larger ive seen this before its her depressed/emotional state where her personality hides her feelings to keep a hard tomboyish shell i know this cause ive known her since i was 6 and i do it myself but i shes stopped drinking for now at least but matts not came back yet.

one of the things at got me was matts sheer strengh able to lift a couch above his head fair enough once or twice but able to rip a phone in 2 and nearly smash a door with one hand slamming it shut so thats sheer power thank god hes usally a calm and happy person.

always us?