help me do things to my hair?

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Alright, so lately I've been considering chopping my hair off. I've had long hair for as long as I can remember, and, I don't know, you only live once, right? Really it's a combination of gender stuff, a few people constantly encouraging me to get it cut, and also I am leaving England in two weeks and possibly not handling that well at all.

So. Assuming I actually get passed my fear that it will never grow back/other people flailing at me not to cut it, I need to pick an actual hairstyle thingy. (shh, long hair is the easiest thing ever to maintain ok, i've never had to worry about this) I feel wierd asking here, but anyone else I could ask irl is A) firmly on the 'don't cut it' side of things, B) would suggest super girly styles no matter what I asked or C) have seemingly dropped off the face of the planet lately.
I'd like something more on the androgynous side of things, like... could be either a guys' or girls' cut? Does that exist? I'd prefer if possible to keep it shoulder length or a bit shorter, nothing super super short. Which might be a challenge, I know. My hair is super straight, and decently thick, and at the moment I've got a straight across fringe that's, eh, long enough that if I tug it straight down it covers my eyes entirely, though i'm not attached to that style of fringe by any means. My face is... round...ish? I suppose? Fuck if i know. And my skin itself is crazy pale, with my hair usually anywhere between dark red, purple, or black, depending on the month. I don't know if that matters at all, but... yeah. So, all that being said, can you offer some suggestions on styles? Feel free to include pics (they could come in handy to show the stylest), but if you could also describe the style that'd be excellent, as I can't exactly see the pictures themselves :D


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so I had a similar thing

so I had a similar thing recently. I had long, wavy hair that was really thick. in april i decided to get it cut about chin length or so. then in august i got even more cut off . now its a more androgynous look and i hear even more male than female looking. which makes me happy. im a ftm transboi.

hm, id definitely be up for helping you, actually :).

so what are your specifications? about shoulder length? and leaning to androgynous?

would that be okay if i sent you links? to pics. i love looking online for stuff like this to be honest. i did it before i got my hair cut.

(and if you want i can send you a link to my youtube channel so you can see my new haircut). its probably not something you want, as it is very short, shorter than chin length. but yeah.

sorry for all the rambling.


(oh and if i didnt say this already....a big part of me getting my haircut was also gender-related in part. and to be honest, when i get my haircut now, it makes me feel really good because its more androgynous. :) ) or at least ii think it is. dunno for sure how androgynous i come off being but ya

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:D Sure, link away.

:D Sure, link away. Androgynous, aproximately shoulder length, though I'd be willing to go a bit shorter.

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The biggest thing is not to have bangs/fringe/whatever-you-call-it. Short with bangs just looks cutely feminine. So try to get the rest of your hair as short as your fringe.

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Duely noted, thanks!

Duely noted, thanks!