Help, Please

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Well can somebody help me, i need some advice on coming out to my friends can somebody please help?


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based on experience.

i believe the most important thing is you should be ready. you should be ready for your friends reactions, it could be acceptance or rejection.

as for me, i came out to one trusted friend first. i just admitted to her point-blank that i am a bi. it's good it came out well and now i'm planning to come out to more friends.

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im not sure how he will take it though :(

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Well, first of all, what sort of a reaction do you expect?

And secondly, it's possible to be open around them without having to actively tell them. If you want, you can just wait until the subject comes up, you're asked, etc. Or you could tell them in some sort of odd, creative way, or you could just tell them straight (HAHA that was unintentional) out.

Good luck!


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im not sure what reaction i would get. thats a problem im not very stereotypical person ive got no stereotypes related to sexuality and only the scots ones apply. when i tried to act more open around them they all thought it was a act to get a girlfriend granted i like both girls and boys but everytime i attempt to act open i seem to look even more straight

i dont want to be blunt as i get very nervous when i need to be blunt, im not going to do Rainbows way of coming out

but thanks anyway

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If you're REALLLLLY close to them and you know it'll end well, or even just neutral, just don't sweat it! Make comments about being gay BEFORE saying you're gay. That's what I do. I'll be like, "Damn that chick is hot!" and after a few times, people will be like "Shelby do you like girls?" and I'm like "YEAH DUH I THOUGHT THAT WAS OBVIOUS gosh guys. Get with the program! :D"

just treat it like no big deal and other people will too :P
That's redick!

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i think..

..i will try that