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Again, I got Skrim for FSMas; it's doing a pretty good job at keeping my mind off Brad. Not too much, but it's working well enough. I'm surprised by how fun it is to shoot lightning at people while chopping them up with an axe (or, as I call it, axing them a question). Well, I won't continue on an esoteric journal that only one person I know of on here will understand (and hopefully comment on).
I'm going crazy on iTunes with my new gift cards. Skrillex released a new album yesterday (Bangarang), which I bought last night. It includes some of his songs played by an orchestra; Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites on flute! Here I go with esoteric stuff again. I also got The Other Syde (Part 1) by Kromestar, which is amazing, and Total by SebastiAn, which is also amazing and has a hilarious cover:
Total artwork
Sorry, I had to write about Brad, so one sentence will do: I greatly fear the possibility that he is heterosexual; thinking about him feels horrible because I'm never near him and I won't be for a while and I don't want to tell him any of this because he would probably react negatively, but I will be severely depressed if he never finds out, though it would probably be better for him if he doesn't because he's most likely not interested in me.
^longest sentence in the journal^


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Number One: Gross Picture...

Number One: Gross Picture... EWWWWWWW

Number Two: Man up and tell him anyway... I once told my best friend that liked him and frankly I still sometimes remind that I do think he is sexy. Guess what he is straight and still my best friend...

Basically what I am saying is this... you don't know till you try, and frankly what if you don't do it and later see him with another guy and that could have been you had you only spoken up. I mean what have you got to lose... from what I have seen it doesn't seem like he is that much of a friend yet... just like a semi friend so really now is the best time while thier is less emotional investmest... you do have somthing to lose, but if you win... think of what you will gain :D

Plus what if he is stright, but takes you liking him as a compliment and you become even better friends over it... that could happen too and would be ok too :D

Number Three: Make that two... I know about Skyrim... I have already beaten it :P

Number Four: Thanks for ruinning a great movie experiance for me... My brother won't shut up about how aswome the Dragon Tatto movie was, but because you suggestioned that the main charaters have alternate sexuallities... aka they are a bunch of faggots... then that means my cardinal rule of not seeing movies which contain gay main charaters comes into play... I don't mind if the fact if I find this out during the movie... if I find out before it ruins the movie becuase that will be all I can think about... So thanks for that... 'little buddy'

Number Five: Little Buddy is the name of porn comic :P Where a big dude fucks a midgt... so now everytime I call you that it will give you a mental picture :P

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is Yamamoto the guy u were

is Yamamoto the guy u were talking aboout that would understand that?
what does heterosexual mean? lol sry there r no stupid questions so plz no judgement!!
-Helen was here :P love u :)
love is my only drug <3

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What the fucking fuck?

Do you seriously not fucking know what heterosexual means? It means straight. And no, the person I was talking about was Dracofangxxx.