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Not much more to say.

I've had better days I guess, but now at least I'm well acquainted with detention, I know what it's like, and it really ain't that bad. Hell, by the time I can drive my own fucking ass, detention might even be a fucking good thing for me, it'd give me dedicated study time, when I have to be doing homework, or nothing basically.
That's good.

But the swim coach is all period over me not going to swimming cause I've been sick... Oh, whatevr, I guess.

Yeah, didn't do much today, except learnt pieces on the piano.

I used to seem to have a constant flow of new ideas that I'd want to share on here, and I'd pick only the best ones, or just the ones I happened to be thinking of when I started the journal, and there's countless topics I never journaled about then forgot.
But now that flow of new ideas seems to have stopped, which is why I haven't been posting nearly as prolific on here as times past. It seems to be mostly re-hashing over the things I already know, understanding the old concepts better, and sometimes moving into new territory, like I'm rethinking my ideas on the Death Tax, I hate how Republicans seem to think it's an injustice, I don't really have time to explain why it isn't at all, and only would seem that way if A. Your parents have a lot of money that you want, or B. You have a lot of money you want to give your kids, and everyone else is fucked.
What I'd really like to stop is things like Rockefeller, that guy had the equivalent of like 600 billion dollars, 1.5% the US economy in his time, and he didn't spend hardly any of it, it just passed to his children.
And they're all still rich.
I'd think it good if his kids didn't necessarily just get his money, why the fuck do they deserve it?

But my parents have told me why it's hard to enforce, like making exemptions for property, so people don't lose the family farm, and then people before they die buy a bunch of properties and give them to their children and their children then sell them and get the money anyway.
But it's certainly not an injustice to try, those people are fucking douchebags.

As well as a constant monologue in my head about my life. That's why I seem to be constantly posting about my life instead.



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Slipped that in quite surreptitiously... no explanation... and definitely not you!

How could you have been so targeted?

A travesty of the justice system?


That first YouTube video... intro was quite imaginative and delightfully erotic... yes?