how may i help you today? *turns and vomits after they leave*

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aaaarrrrggghhh!!!! i just broke up with my fiancee, so yeah... i'm pissed...and sad...and heart broken...and a million other things right now...i just wanted you guys to know and if you could provide some sympathy i'd really, really, really appreciate it....


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Aww, I'm sorry. :( I hope

Aww, I'm sorry. :( I hope your heart recovers soon.

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Hope you feel better soon...

Just remember, how bad you feel is only a measure of how vulnerable you let yourself be, and how much access you gave of yourself to the other person, so the more you hurt, the more you are demonstrating how much you gave of yourself to the other person and to the relationship, so it's kind of a good thing...

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I'm terribly sorry to hear

I'm terribly sorry to hear that. Feeling depressed is healthy, and human. I would be much more worried if you didn't feel anything, or if you were acting like you didn't care. The depression is completely necessary.

You'll recover from this. Maybe not today or this week, but you'll recover. I promise. There may be some scar tissue, but you're gonna be fine.

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I'm so, so sorry.

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I'm really sorry about all

I'm really sorry about all that happening... :(

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These kinds of things always bother me,

like even if I get to the point where the love of my life asks me to marry them, and maybe we even do get married, it doesn't even mean anything anymore. It's still just seen as some temporary relationship stage. And that thought really scares me.

Not sure what to say about you. Sorry you hurt. But you did break up with them, so, I'm gonna go with you deserve some of the pain so that it wouldn't have all been for nothing. Pain is good in some ways I suppose.
That's redick!

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but that's the thing!!!!

he broke up with me!!!! i'm hurting because he broke up with me and then in the same breath he said that he had a date for the thanks giving party that was coming up....

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"I broke up with my fiancee"

Misleading then. I believe it's "he broke up with me" or "we broke up"

Anyways, I'm really sorry. That's crap.
That's redick!