I actually don't like break

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It's depressing being cooped up here in the house all day, just me and my parents, and they always complain about me being so morose.
It was at least nicer when my brother was around, now I'm basically just an only child, it's depressing.

Even though school is really a hassle in some ways, and it's just soul-crushing in others, I get to see my friends all the time, like Shelby. Oh, and I also get to see CAG, too. Maybe that's part of the reason I'm depressed.
And I guess that for most of break I'll be going to school swimming every day except Sundays, so I'll get to see at least my school friends on the swim team.
But then all the rest of the day is just kinda me spent at home. Maybe a few times I'll go down to the beach, but then it's just depressing cause I'm just staring at the water. The ocean makes me sad sometimes.

See, I'm actually a lot happier when we're in school, a lot happier. I wish the school year was longer, frankly.
As for the kids who complain about how much school sucks, it's kinda like, well, if school sucks, then what's better?
Well, I guess it isn't as fun as drinking or something, but I don't think I'm gonna get the opportunity to do that too often this break.

The only things I really have to look forward to are, well, I'm probably going to Shelby's for her birthday, and we're gonna go off the motherfucking rails, I'm sure. And Assassin's Creed, that's fun shit.
I'll be getting the new one for Christmas.
And getting back to school, I guess. At least I'll get to see CAG.

Man, is my apathy just typical teenage angstiness? If only I'd been born 4 or 5 fucking months earlier, I could drive now. Then at least I'd be able to get out of the house a lot easier and see friends or something.

Oh well, I guess I can survive 2 motherfucking weeks of sitting at home with the parents.


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You are so awesome dude

But dude! Blueboy's going to Cali for most of break SO I AM HOPELESSLY ALONE.

Come over more! Come over like Tuesday or any day ever! We can rock, brah! I'm an only child too!

There's a reason "only" rhymes with "lonely" :P

But I dunno, I love school. It's like... Free, time-wasting, learning awesomeness! You get to like... see your friends! EVERY DAY! And DO stuff! And LEARN COOL SHIT.

I just think people who don't like school are not using their time wisely :P

Anyways you need to like give me your #### if you haven't so I can txt u lol
That's redick!

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Your brother...

...will not be coming home for Christmas?

If not... real bummer!

Do you have a camera (other than in your cell)? Maybe Shelby could get you interested in photography as an art...

But... be forever cautious of female wiles! :)

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That's redick!

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...one of those things we were warned about in literature as kids. Seems as if this is a well-acknowledged female proclivity... but never came under the spell of one myself! :)

Came awfully close once... boy did she get mad... she even left a dead fish on my porch!

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How'd she kill the fish?

Between her legs?
That's redick!

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How'd I know?

It was wrapped loosely in paper... likely something discarded at a meat market.

btw: this was in another lifetime (university student). She was pretty self-centered, intelligent, recently divorced from a very short marriage, thought I should have fallen in love with her... Didn't happen!

But... you have to admit... a pretty innovative and very specific metaphor!

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What's better than school?

In my case, everything. Everything EVER, even babysitting my brat-sister.

I'm going to have a boring break too, though. :P Don't worry!

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You guys are lucky. My break

You guys are lucky. My break doesn't start until the 21st or the 22nd, I forget which. And my break will probably be equally depressing. My goal is to actually get out and hang with some friends, but that never happens. I'll probably end up sitting in my basement all day like always and thinking about how much I miss newspaper girl...sigh...

Break is wonderful the first four or five days, but then I wanna go back to school. I love it there.

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Jennas is 23rd :/ i only

Jennas is 23rd :/

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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In theory, the idea of break scares me.

Not seeing Brad or my friends or Brad for two weeks with nothing to do. But, during the breaks, I actually love it. I may be bored, but at least I'm not bored and tired. Also, I think I'll be productive since I've already made a song over the break and I'm getting the full version of FL Studio for FSMas.

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I felt the same way in high school..

but now I'm just like BREAK! Thank Bob! I finally get to sleep and read for fun. And play video games, and eat real food. I do miss my roommate though..

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Text me anytime! I carry my

Text me anytime! I carry my phone way more now, instead of leaving in my backpack all day and checking it once at 6 am. Also you could do WHAP homework if you're totally fantastically bored, and if you feel like it.