i AM NOT Innocent in any way

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a bit personal, but i don't care.

i was yet again reading old journals and read one of Radiosilences ones (i am a dantely innocent flower) i AM NOT Innocent in any sexual way.

and before you continue i know your not Jenna so don't complain.

completely innocence to masturbation really Radio that i cannot understand that, since 12 ive been doing it, ive have a very high sex drive but i know people with the lowest sex drive possible and still masturbate. i used to do it all the TIME often twice a day but not much since 15 due to AJ, but get to that later and quite happy about this when i masturbate now AJ often catches me (same if i catch AJ) she usually 'finishes' it for me.

and for porn people porn is part of life somewhere (not too proud of this) there is porn of me (no im not telling you where).

and for sex itself for me its one of the best experiences for me, even when im the bottom one. just like straight girls a good girl always swallows (just a fact). if you get that you get a cookie, but whenever your ready is ok, just like me AJ has a high sex drive so i DO get sex on a regular basis thats why Jenna your not allowed upstairs at night or sometimes during the day.

but the only thing i can not understand is NO TASTE IN MUSIC!.

on a unrelated note TUMBLR!

follow me and ask me a question :)


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No one should give that much of a shit if a person doesn't mastubate. It's best discussed in PM with the person.

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i dont really care it just

i dont really care it just edges my mind a bit like do something i usually dont im ok if she doesn't but the thing that annoys me is music

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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I won't enjoy this;

I will try to find that porn of you just so I know what you look like. I must see you! I know your last name. Now, I must find your first name. It might help. Besides, how much lesbian porn could there be in Scotland?

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Why are there so many O'Connors in Edinburgh?


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first off i technichqly

first off i technichqly don't call myself an O'Connor after what my mum did i call myself a Drewll and my first names Rainbow try finding it


p.s. if it helps AJ's names Alycia Jacklyn

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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Uh...what? I never said I

Uh...what? I never said I had no taste in music. I LOVE music. I was ranting about people who don't like music at all. Obviously you misunderstood my journal. Dude, music is my LIFE.

And the whole masturbation thing...frankly, I'm pissed that you care so much about what I do and what I don't do. If I don't want to masturbate or watch porn, then that's my right. I don't understand why YOU should care about what I do with MY body.

And for you to attack me like this publicly about a journal that I posted quite awhile ago...if you really had a problem with my sexual tendencies, why not just PM me about it? This whole thing is just ridiculous.

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the music thing i was

the music thing i was talking about other people not you i think i wrote that part badly

about the masturbation part its my stupid personality mixed with beer and Irn Bru sorry about that :(

hope it doesn't offend you that bad

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies