I just gotta say this...

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But if Newt Gingrich or Mitt become president, I am thinking of becoming a canadian citizen! They have better health care, riding, and jobs up there anyway...and the mountain terrain and trail building on public land attitudes are awesome, because everyone in BC rides or skis!


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I mean...

When did it become standard practice to quote seinfeld and newman, and dodge questions based on racial stereotypes in a presidential debate. I honestly can't back any candidate right now, and would have backed rick perry, until I saw his self righteous, bigoted, homophobic ad on youtube.

personally, i think the days of true politicians who aren't puppets like obama has ended. nobody does anything these days except the geo-political dance, and nothing ever gets done.

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I have a feeling Obama is

I have a feeling Obama is going to be re-elected. That's how it usually works, isn't it? Those other guys have four more years to campaign. I don't know why they're in such a hurry. Lol, I could be wrong. I don't care much if a conservative is president anyway because the House will probably get more liberal...and after all of this inaction from Congress, it's not like a con. pres will dismiss every plan of action or else he be booed upon. If it comes down to it, we just gotta elect the cons pres that will bend the most (Newt, as sad as this is)) I hope they enjoy their break after a long hard year! lol..with this being said, I'm really not keeing upwith the race.And Canada sounds amazing.