I Love Christmas

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Though i think we need to stop considering Christmas a christian holiday. We take a tree, make it sparkly, and shove it up an angel's ass. How christian is that?

Also, I always thought i loved this holiday because i got presents, but now i realize how great it is to GIVE presents. It's a great way of dropping a hint to the people you spend your life with in a room full of people you may want to refer to later in court as "witnesses". After all, nothing says "I'm not attracted to your fat ass anymore" like a Subway gift card!

All these factors play in to make this my favorite time of year. People are smiling, children are singing, and that creepy old man across the road is standing outside in the cold all day ringing a bell and asking for money that i'll never give him or anyone he represents because he ran over my bike when i was ten years old.

Just goes to show that life is perfectly just.

And despite all this happiness i feel by CHRIST-mas. I assure you all in the form of my final statement...

I swear to god i'm an atheist.



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Christmas is, like, the most

Christmas is, like, the most Christian holiday ever. But I still love it as well. Many people will tell me that as an atheist I have no right to enjoy the lights, the egg nog, the decorating of the tree, the exchange of gifts. To this I say bullshit. These things are traditions that have been introduced over time...technically, they have nothing to do with the Christian meaning behind Christmas. Therefore I shall enjoy all I want.

People have actually tried to tell me that an atheist cannot celebrate Christmas. Hehe, I'm being attacked for my religious beliefs...or lack thereof. How backwards :P

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i must insist on disagreeing...

christmas is a pagan holiday which was started by the druids stolen by the cathalics and then exported to the sixty-four corners of the globe...not christian at all...i mean the fir tree was originally a yew tree and the christians made it an evergreen to show the "never ending power of god's love" or some such, but honestly the christians have just stolen another pagan holiday...

ok, rant over.

~"i'm a real Witch, Before, During AND After my coffee!"

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I don't know anything about

I don't know anything about pagans. Christmas is all about the birth of Christ though, isn't it? Do pagans believe in that?

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the so called "christmas" was originally a pagan holiday in the winter celibrating the slumber of the earth and turning of the year's wheel upon it's axis, it was basically the pagan new years'....the christians decided that pagan holidays within christian towns and villages would somehow 'corrupt' the general people and decided that to have the best of both worlds they would use the images of christainity and the materials of the pagans: thus we have a decorated tree but it is topped with an angel, we have a yule log which is the most direct carryover because it hasn't changed much from pagan to christianity, the yule log was originally a very large log cut from the tallest tree around, the villagers then put the log in the center of a field and made a bonfire for the night, the drank and coroused and when morning came they grabbed a branch and carryed fire to their homes to light the fireplace for the next year. it has nothing to do with christ's birth in the original sense, and very little to do with it in the modern sense since historic scholars have shown that jesus was born around october...
~"i'm a real Witch, Before, During AND After my coffee!"

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my family

are called pagans cause we don't celebrate Christmas traditionally he celebrate it in a different way there are still gifts and a dinner but the whole thing is about family and the O'Connor Coat of Arms is put up on a wall my family's kinda... weird

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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I celebrate FSMas.