I love my life

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i love my life plain and simple everything exept my job but get to that latter love my girlfriend that some of you will know as RainbowTime

i love my house regardless of how crowded it is

i love my family mostly (beckys just plain funny, Jack being the only boy and most femme, Abby i just plain hate, Taylor is just funny & mum and dad accept us)

i love Rainbows family mostly (matt can be annoying but overall his low intelligence and high self-loving is funny, Jenna who you may know as Maximum_Jennadrive is funny and at times cute, her dad is very helpful but her mums a bitch)

i love every girlfriend and boyfriend of both our families (Jacks BF Grant is oddly funny, Beckys BF Warren is nearly as femme as Jack which is funny, Abbys GF Joey i just feel sad for her, Matts GF who is pregnant and make a funny couple and lastly Jennas gay crush is just pure cute to me)

i love how everyone just walks into our house like they live here like Rainbows cousin Blair (tycoondashkid) just walks in and wants to talk to Rainbow

i love all the "marrige" holidays like just got back from Amsterdam after a gay wedding and next summer going to Moscow for another wedding and maybe eventually Matt & Rubys wedding?

i love how Rainboe likes to fool around sexualy and love her techniques (very much)

but i hate working in Tescos so much its deprssing working for next to minimum wage in a super market

but love ever one elses job Matt designs t-shirts, Rosies a "semi-professional" party planner, Racheal's a nursery assistant even my siblings have better jobs Becky's a hair stylist, Jacks a Small time Journalist & Abbys a House Organizer

so overall love my life.


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a review!

and i love you too
i love MY house
i love your family, TOLERATE abby
i love my family, OPEN HATRED for mum
i hate how people just walk in
i love the free holidays
hehe i love fooling around too ;D
meh, at least you have a job

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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Sounds like there aren't many straight people in that family.


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wierd it is..

..it seems to be only my brother, sisters & Cousins at are gay its like the universe just went "wait a minute, this Family has next to no gay people lets turn it around"

although Rainbows are more gay the Drewlls/O'Connors seem to have a MINORITY of Heteros a majority of Bi's (like Tycoondashkid for example) actually was at one of rainbows cousins Gay wedding in Amsterdam this week ive never seem a majority of gay/bi people in a family

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I'm pretty sure that I'm the only queer in my family.

At least the only one aware of it. Again, I'm pretty sure my mother is bi, but doesn't know. She always comments on women she sees on television. Once, she said "I like her body."

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theres got to be more than

theres got to be more than you how bigs your family as in Aunts, Uncles, Cousins?

mines decently sized i know Rainbows is quite large

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I don't even know.

I have so many cousins that I can't even keep track of them. Pretty much all of them are in relationships with members of the opposite sex. I can only think of one who isn't.

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if the one is just single ok but if you mean s/he may be gay then tell him/er

but theres bound to be one maybe there just like you and closeted to the family but open to friends

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I don't think he's gay.

He's just really geeky. My point is that nobody in my family has ever (to my knowledge) been in a relationship with someone of the same sex.

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What should be recognized...

(and, not to suggest that this is true for your immediate family)... is that it has only been within the very recent few years that gays have felt any degree of social safety if they were to acknowledge their orientation.

Up to the latter half of the 20th century many gays married, had children, and kept their orientation a very tightly guarded secret! Of course... theirs was not a truly fulfilling and happy life...

Even today, some gays who lack the courage to come out (no criticism intended!) continue to marry heterosexually.

How many lived such a lie? It's very difficult to say... but it was certainly no small number!

Edit: See this article: http://lite1059.com/rssItem.asp?feedid=116&itemid=29767963

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well, if you want the stats...

the kinsey website lists the breakdown of sexuality as the following: 1/10 are homosexual, 6/10 are bisexual, and 3/10 are hetero, so all in all, streights are as much a minority as gays, bi's are the majority!
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..did not know those stats thanks :D

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it was revised....it quoted

it was revised....it quoted the origanal, kensey and then showed a modern quiz result and all and they came up with a rough 60%/30%/10% split....
~"i'm a real Witch, Before, During AND After my coffee!"

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oh ok

oh ok