I remember.

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I remember when I used to be all down and mopey because I was single and all that bunk. But now I enjoy being free and not tied down. I wonder what exactly has caused me to go from all depressed about not having a boyfriend to being happy I'm free as a bird and being almost carefree. Maybe this is a bad thing? Or is it really an improvement?

I love life and don't have many reasons to succumb to the depths and strangle hold of depression anymore. I knew it was all in my head and I just refused to hate life and think negatively all the time. Then I found Islam and that part goes without saying. But the way I'm seeing this is, if I can escape depression some people may be able to as well.

You don't have to have a religion to be happy but for me it does. Whatever you enjoy, do it, go outside, hang out with your friends. Do good things with your life, maybe toss a quarter in that Salvation Army bucket. Do good things and good things come to you. I just feel so positive, and I wonder how I ever made it when I had depression.

I remember the weeks of hating myself and wanting death to come but it wouldn't. I remember being on the edge but I would never cross it. I always bounced back a few days after. Then I had enough of my emotions controlling me and I said to myself "it's my life, fuck you negativity". It was a day after day project.

And day after day I strived to be a better person, student, and son. And I achieved my goal. Now there are many other goals for me to accomplish and set. This time in my life has been the happiest ever and I want to keep things going this way. Sure life is never easy but that doesn't mean you should give up. You can bounce back like me.

Well dinner time is approaching, Mexican food, yum!


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This journal is wonderful and true.

Glad you're happier :] I agree with errtang in it <3
That's redick!

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Happiness is beautiful, and

Happiness is beautiful, and this is good news. "It's my life, fuck you negativity." That's a good reminder that the majority of us have control of our own lives, essentially. It is getting too easy to blame bad luck. We gotta own up to our passivity! I'm glad I read this.