I swear

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my parents, my God.

You know, the Bible says disobedient children should be stoned to death, and I always resent that, because it assumes that the parents are always right.
Like what always pisses me off is that if my mom makes a mistake, usually her only punishment is being mad at herself, while if I make a mistake usually I'm pissed at myself, but then she's also pissed at me, and she punishes me, and I have that.
It's like, my mom makes a lot of the same sort of mistakes I do, but she can afford to laugh them off because she doesn't have a parent to yell at her for them.

And I also resent that she can just go upstairs and look for trespasses of mine of her rules, because "I live in her house".
Well, I don't have a whole lot of a choice, just because she married a relatively wealthy husband now she can sit around the house with, I dunno, her finger up her fucking ass, and then make up the rules that I, one who probably has a lot more work to do than her, have to follow.
Like she got pissed at me cause I had a Gatorade bottle in my room. And it's like, okay, but what about all those times you move my stuff around in the interests of "organization", and then I can't ever find fucking anything? That's only okay because of course, I came out of her vagina, and technically, lawfully, this house is more hers than mine, even though she did jack shit for it besides marrying the hard-working man.

My God, I'll write about this tomorrow when I'm not quite so buzzed and tired and angry.


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I think it's so ridiculous

I think it's so ridiculous when parents have that attitude that their kids owe them everything. I didn't ASK to come out of your vagina, thank you very much. Though luckily my mom isn't like that. And my mom really expects a lot from herself, so I think that she punishes herself enough whenever she makes a mistake.

I mean yeah, whenever I fuck up I get double the punishment from both myself and my mom, but she's not a dictator about it. She just wants me to grow up to become a virtuous, strong woman. And I recognize that she only punishes me because that's what she's trying to mold me into.

Our moms sound very different. But I'm sure your mom doesn't do these things just to be spiteful. Parents are humans too, after all.

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I don't really know

why she does it.
What I really don't like is when she acts like because I had a Gatorade bottle on my desk I'm just like some spiteful little kid, and she was like You're probably just thinking "Oh, I don't really want to take it down, so I won't. Who cares about my mom? Fuck her."
And I just wish she understood, when I leave things around, it's really not out of spite or laziness, it's just that she, living in the house all day with the sole job of upkeeping and maintaining it, has a mind for cleaning things, she notices when something's where it's not supposed to be. I don't have that mind, so while I notice the Gatorade bottle and other such things, I just don't give them the thought that I need to take them down and throw them out.

I don't understand, we used to have these big fights because she'd get really mad at me for leaving the pantry door open and it'd block the hallway. Seriously, she thought I was so lazy I couldn't stand to close the door. And it's like if I was that lazy, I'd probably die cause I couldn't bear to keep beating my heart and breathing.
It's obvious that I just saw the pantry door, but didn't really think about it in the way that she does, I didn't remember to close it.

I don't know why she desperately wants to portray me as a both spiteful and lazy devil child who just wants to hurt her however I can, it's just like, I'm not fucking like that.


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My mom is like a copy of your mom

Like I cleaned my room on Saturday for like two or three hours, and I told her, and she was like "mhm" and then she came in later, and started bitching at me and calling me a slob for the food on the floor in front of me that I was eating


maybe if I dropped dead she'd be finally happy :/ it's like, don't clean up = she hates me. Clean up = she hates me. What do?

And besides! Technically I'm the one doing things all day, unlike her, I don't have time to meticulously clean everything to HER specifications. Once she works eight hours a day plus some extra and keeps all her stuff PERFECT, then I'll allow her to bitch at me.
That's redick!

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Seems like you have a drinking problem.

You're always buzzed or drunk when you're writing. Maybe you should go to AA or something.

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Not so, I think. This was really the first time I drank in at least a week, and it wasn't even that much.