i think she might be gay

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before i say what happened heres some things you should know about Taylor. shes my little sister, shes very shy, shes the same age as Jenna and are good friends, when shes too shy to talk she hides behind someone and blushes & chews her hair when she lies

so she visited today and we (just me and her) went to the Gile for some reason i forgot. about 50 mins into it she sees this girl she goes to school with (the girl hasn't seen her yet) she hides behind me and blushes. so after the girl leaves our view she comes to my side shine in her eyes and i ask her if she knows her she says yeah. we were talking and eating lunch in one of the reastraunts and the girl walks past she blushes and starts staring uncontrollably, after she leaves i jokingly made a crush joke asking if she had a crush on her and she said no blushed more and started chewing her hair. ok she was lying but the thing i was thinking was wow, mum & dad had 4 children if she turns out a lesbian thats 4 gay children. well what were the odds and mums pregnant again and wondering what would the odds be s/he would be gay?


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Taylor might be gay?

Taylor might be gay?

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My god...

Gayness seems to run in everyone's family over in Scotland...

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agreed that this is a very interesting happening in the other part of the world!

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intersting fact my main

intersting fact my main friends (8 including me) we met at 6 and still are friends 5 of us are lesbians and 1's bi so only 2 straight people....

my god *looks at hand-held machine* the ammount of gay people are in scotland are off the charts!

but really i think there are alot more gay people than most people know its probably that the UK (especially scotland) are some of the most accepting countries

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I am convinced...

...that genetics plays an important role in influencing gay outcomes. In my own family (and in deep ancestry) there are many reasons to suspect that more than just a few may have been gay. Marriages with children notwithstanding!

btw... About 30% Scot here... but that's likely just incidental to the existence of a putative gay gene. :)

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that is funny that you say that...

I am scottish as well...and have noticed that trend, or at least a trend of bisexual tendancies in kilt wearing folks....hmmm

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