i was bored

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it's britney bitch
i know i screwed up her arm but i was too lazy to fix it
anyways i need to start building a legit portfolio for university arghsssdhfgkjfgak


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I'm not a photographer or

I'm not a photographer or artist or anything, so I'm not sure...is this picture supposed to have some sort of deeper meaning to it? Or is this just something you did for the fun of it?

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everything has a deeper

everything has a deeper meaning, whether you intend it to have one or not, depending on who's looking

while i made this because it's midnight and i'm bored, you could read into it and say that i'm talking about our media culture, how celebrities are constantly targeted by the media and it destroys them as individuals (since they become consumer products) ect

but that's just me bullshitting and "defending my work"

i made another one of paris hilton too, looking hotter than an h-bomb

i suck with photoshop though it's been a while since i've done digital collages like this

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I enjoy these pictures. A lot. Though I'm not sure why.

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MORE OF MY WORK ~ http://stridulated.tumblr.com/

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~uncertain~ if this is

~uncertain~ if this is sarcastic or not yes/no???6?

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I love doing artworks like this.