I wish she would just go in a hole and DIE!

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my mum called again saying she wanted to come to Matts Wedding. mum FUCK HER she kicked me and Jenna out 3 years ago and disowned me for being gay and assumed jenna was gay and disowned matt for supporting us. the bitch had her chance nobody except our family, Ruby, & our friends know how Matt gets when hes mad he after the call punch a hole through a brick wall.

if she comes to it i WILL PUNCH HER IN THE FACE! she has it coming Matt. would probably do the same hell he broke a catholic guys rib in one hit for 1 homophobic comment aimed at me & Jenna i swear if matt was a bit stronger he would be a superhero.

but back to subject hes getting married on the 11th of Jan thats 10 days after Berry & Eric are born, guess whos taking care of them. i swear one more call from mum im getting the polis. what makes it worse shes bluntly angry but works around when Matt went of the hook batshit crazy! mum goes mmm mah juns auk i gonna ghey rrr auk nah butt auk i (aka mmm maybe oh im going to go or maybe not but maybe) its either Aye or Nah but FUCK HER she ain't going.

thank god she doesn't know where we live, i fucking hate her so much and her fucking cunt life.


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Sounds like you...

...may be a bit bitter.

With some justification? :)

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have no idea how much of a horrible mum she was

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies