I'm just a Holland. Looking for my Cece.

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The above title was an allusion to Keeping You A Secret, a wonderful book that I just finished. It's an adorable lesbian romance novel, very sweet and sappy. I recommend this to my fellow lesbians and homophobes everywhere. Holland's mom really pissed me off. I hope my mom won't react to my coming out like that. I wish I hadn't finished the book so quickly, but I just couldn't stop reading. Is it pathetic that I'm jealous of fictional characters and their awesomely adorable relationship? I'm thinking yes. I was jealous of what Holland and Cece had from chapter one! Ugh. I kinda wanna read the book again, it was so damn good. There needs to be more lesbian fiction out there, and NOT just pointless erotic novels.

I can get Brittany's number, if I wanted to. All my best friend has to do is text a friend of hers who has it and it's aaaalll mine. But that seems wrong to me. And even if I got it, I wouldn't have the courage to just randomly text her, because I didn't ask her personally and it just seems rude. So I guess this option would be a last resort, like if Brittany left and I still hadn't gotten her number I MIGHT consider it. Ugh. I miss her a lot. She just makes my day. As I was reading Keeping You A Secret, I kinda imagined her and I in place of Holland and Cece. Ha! I'm pathetic.

I wanna go back to school. Christmas break is boring as hell and I miss the routine and I miss having schoolwork to focus my energy on. My throat is swollen and scratchy and my nose is all stuffed up. Yup, the girl who never gets sick has a cold. And it sucks. I can barely taste anything and my voice is weak. Damn it all to hell.

Also, my laptop refuses to turn on, so I'm typing this from my mother's laptop. I have to remember to clear her search history or else she'll find this website. So now I have to run my laptop to Wal Mart and have it fixed, hopefuly. It's a Toshiba. Anybody else have any problems with Toshibas? I'm beginning to think it's not the best brand in the world.


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You should get her number,

You should get her number, and when she asks say that she was really really drunk when she gave it to you.

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XD Yeah right. I once asked

XD Yeah right. I once asked her if she's ever drank at all, and she said she doesn't drink! That's just how innocent she is.

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I have had a terrible

I have had a terrible experience with Toshiba. My laptop was a Toshiba, and I had problems with it from the beginning, then a few years later it finally just crashed and refused to turn back on. They could not fix it, either. My dad's old laptop he gave me after that is also a Toshiba, and it doesn't have too many problems but it is slow.

I read that book about three years ago. It was pretty cute.

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Great. Knowing my luck, they

Great. Knowing my luck, they won't be able to fix my laptop and I'll have to buy another one. Fortunately I have an extended warranty on that piece of crap.