In which I rant about literature and my sister's romantic woes

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Still working my way through my English teacher's list of classics. Right now I'm reading The Picture of Dorian Gray, which is amazing. I don't know why I, as an avid reader, never bothered to read hardly any classics. I've noticed such a huge difference between modern literature and classic literature. Classic literature is driven more by morality and the underlying themes to the story, whereas this modern crap is all plot-driven.

Sure, there are a few modern gems to be found (The Book Thief, Let Me In, The House of the Scorpion, to name a few), but for the most part, authors suck nowadays. I mean, all the classics I've been reading have really made me thought about certain aspects of my life. The plotting in the classics is more deliberate, and not as fast and jarring as today's books. It just feels like today's authors know how short people's attention spans have become, so they cram as much plot into the story as possible.

I think reading all these classics has made me realize this, and it's made me reconsider myself as a writer. I mean, a year or so ago I would've been bored out of my mind reading The Grapes of Wrath or Dorian Gray. But now I adore them. I appreciate them for their longevity, and their messages. It's just so tragic that even literature is turning into garbage nowadays. It's bad enough that music, TV, and movies have turned into utter trash. I'm really hoping that I can break the cycle, and become an awesome writer, and put out books that put this modern fickle to shame. I know I'll never be comparable to the likes of Oscar Wilde or John Steinbeck, but I can try.

But anyway, my mom. She tried to start an argument yesterday by suggesting that I not get any gifts for Christmas since I don't believe in the birth of Christ. I believe in the giving aspect of Christmas, but no, I don't believe in the origin of it. I told her fine, take all my gifts back, if you really want to punish me for not believing the same thing as you. I'm an atheist, and I still insist on buying shit for people. Why? Because this time of year is about giving. I'm sure there are plenty of fellow atheists out there who buy gifts during the holidays. It's not a big deal.

My mom never took my gifts back. My comment made her drop the subject. I know she wants to punish me for being an atheist, she's just not sure how. Whatever.

In other news, my sister is having boy problems. Perfectly natural part of adolescence, I know. But I saw some of the texts he sends to her, and damn, that kid is a douche. He must take after his mother. His mom wanted to have dinner with my mom and sister, like their kids are gonna fucking get married or something, and when my sister said she didn't want to go, and her boyfriend's mom heard that, she told her son that my sister was a dumb bitch.

Um, excuse me whore? Who the hell are you to call a harmless twelve-year-old girl a bitch? Who the fuck does that? First of all, his mom took their dating WAY too seriously. Second of all, the fact that she called my sister a bitch just because she's not comfortable with the idea of having dinner with her really shows that she's a heartless cunt. I urged my mom to call his mom and defend my sister, but she's spineless so she never did.

God damn this whole thing pisses me off. And he calls her horrible names in his texts to my sister, just like his mom. I've considered talking to her about this, and telling her that you should never let anyone, boyfriend or otherwise, talk to you that way, but I think she needs to learn the lesson herself. She's 12. She's too young to get so serious about a relationship. She's cried over him before, which is ridiculous. She just needs to enjoy life before she gets to high school.

Sorry. As you can tell, I'm very protective of my sister.


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I'm glad to know the

I'm glad to know the classics are encouraging you to become an awesome writer! I love Wilde and Tennesse Williams, Chopin..ah, the best part of high school was getting the opportunity to read the good stuff. I'm also a sucker for coming of age I love the Catcher in the Rye and the Perks of being a Wallflower. Anyway, it's good to know you plan on making your readers think and you're not going to whore out action plots.

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Once I'm finished with

Once I'm finished with Dorian Gray, Catcher in the Rye is my next book. I'm also very eager to read The Bell Jar, Catch 22, Animal Farm, and The Last of the Mohicans. I have a lot of classics to get through, but I'm determined to read ALL of them.

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Sounds good, I was recently

Sounds good, I was recently told to read The Bell Jar! You'll probably read it before I get around to it. Tell me if you like it. I enjoyed Animal Farm...because, sure, it is a great thought provoking comparison..but when it comes down to it, my literal mind just thinks lol a bunch of cute pigs trying to be people..I'd so rather play in the mud than be people.

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Your sister should just get out of that situation entirely... No use trying to change bastards like that... That's not the kind of person she should EVER settle for. She's just gonna get really, really abused :c
That's redick!

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I think both of them think

I think both of them think that this is how relationships are supposed to be. That you're supposed to have disagreements and be melodramatic and cry over each other. I blame TV. And their parents. And society. And Twilight.

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I'm a bit worried about your sister here...

To me twelve sounds rather young for a relationship to be taken as anything at all, but that might just be me. Really, though, you should tell a) your sister to stand up for herself and b) the boy's mom to fuck off. That's really not healthy.


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Yeah. This whole thing is

Yeah. This whole thing is just too weird. I'm 16 and I've never taken a relationship that seriously before. I told my mom about the boy's name calling, and I'm thinking I shouldn't have done that. My mom so far hasn't really done anything to improve the situation.

Looks like some guidance from her big sis is in order. I'm just not sure how to bring up the subject without sounding motherly. My sister and I rarely have heart-to-heart conversations. This could get awkward.

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The House of the Scorpion

is that the one with the clones on mexican farms???

i used to love that book..

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Yes. It's the only sci fi

Yes. It's the only sci fi book I really enjoy. I read it once in seventh grade, and now I have a copy and I read it from time to time. It never stops being awesome.

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Try to talk to her.

Just giving her respect and reminding her that she's worthy of respect. You never know this could start a trend.

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