Into the Great Unknown

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OMG SKYRIM DUBSTEP. (at the end.)
Im like addicted to Skyrim btw.
But im too poor so i got Oblivion instead. BUT I ASKED MY MOM FOR IT AS A CHRISTMAS PRESENT. hopefully she gets it for me :3

Have I ever mentioned the fact that I hate when people stand/sit behind/next to me and just watch me. I get paranoid. So I kinda tend to sit away from people when im on a public computer or anything of that sort. I dislike it very much.
Or like when im on the phone and people are around. I feel like theyre listening to what im saying.
I don’t like being watched.

Another thing that sets off my anxiety and gets me all paranoid is when I get into an in depth conversation about aliens and how they most definitely exist.
Or when I watch Ancient Aliens on the History channel. Haha.
I think it’s funny. But I do believe. I always have. Shit’s creepy man.

I think my house is haunted.
Either that or im just really paranoid about being alone. Alone at night in my room, or alone in the day time in my house in general. I always feel as if im being watched. Especially after I go on a creepy pasta binge. I love the paranoia catergory ironically. Lol. I read this one story and that night I felt as if the monster in the story was in a dark corner just staring at me.
I have a very active imagination, and it doesn’t help. I make out whatever im afraid of into a clear image. And it sucks. Cause then that causes me to become even more afraid.
And then when im afraid and alone, I listen to music. If I cant then I start singing the first song that comes to mind. If im at home, completely alone, I’ll sing pretty loudly haha.
It kinda gets to the point where I can sleep at night cause im freaking out.
Ive also heard things at night. Like, a loud hammering. Not a real hammer, my brother’s toy hammer. As if someone were playing. When I heard that I freaked out and tried really hard to convince myself that there had to have been some logical reason for it. Maybe my youngest brother woke up and decided he wanted to play.
I didn’t dare go out to check though.
Come to think of it, when something out of the ordinary happens and freaks me out, I try my hardest to convince myself that there’s a logical reason behind it.
I don’t think the strange noises affect me as much as the feeling of being watched though.
I HATE that feeling. And cause of my imagination, I picture the scariest creature or being I can and stick it wherever I feel the staring coming from. And voila. I’ve imagined the creature there in my room, looking at me with hate.
I also hate when people come towards me with sharp objects. I feel as if they are going to stab me. Even if it’s my own mother.


It could be worse. I guess.