Is there such a thing as TOO open-minded? I don't think so.

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I have become what I would have called a freak a year ago. I'm getting into very avant-garde forms of music. First Depotax, then dubstep, and now I'm downloading a 10-hour album set by Merzbow. I'm making noise music now, too.

You think I don't want to know you. by Samavade


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I suppose theoretically you can be open-minded to a point where it's considered ridiculous. But I don't think anyone can be too open-minded.

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you should make witch house

you should make witch house not noise
noise is just an opposite of silence


anyways you'll probably like witch house / drag if you're into avant-garde stuff
here are linkz

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I prefer noise.

It isn't really what the name says it is. Merzbow music does have hidden melodies that you should listen for. Bid City Orchestra's genre of noise is more emotional. Mine is sort of a combination. Listen for background sounds. It's filled with them! (The song is better when you turn the volume up all the way.)

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also of

also of open-mindedness...

if i ask someone how they feel about child slavery, rape, gang violence, genocide, child prostitution, ect. i doubt it would be acceptable to encompass any understanding/sympathy to the offending party/ideology...

and i don't think said parties are deserving of understanding.

so that is being "too open-minded" in my opinion.