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So I'm on three medications for my little affliction. I'm happy to be feeling much better from just starting my medication yester day. There hasn't been too much going on aside from just hanging in. I'm just trying to enjoy my little vacation which is going smoothly aside from some other people's vacations. Of which I have a funny story.

So my Mother and I were leaving the Wal-Mart. And she was parked in a wheelchair accesable space (handicap) so we get in and she tried to get out a minivan drove in front of us giving us less space to drive out. And at the same time and sedan behind us wanted to get the space. I saw the driver in the minivan shooting the birdy at the driver behind us lol.

So we end up moving out and the car behind us got most of the space and the minivan guy decided to try to take the same space and they both parked there and eventually had a big argument about it lol. I'm not sure who needed the space more or who wanted to be closer to entrance. Either way I almost laughed my ass off.

It seriously would not be the end of the world if one of them didn't get the space they wanted. Well speaking of parking space rage it makes me think of shopping rage. So yester day I saw a commercial on the television on how at Radioshack had a supply of Kindle Fires. So that day my mother and I bought the last of the Fires.

So my Mother and I decided if we already knew what each other was getting we'd might as well open the presents. So yeah, I do have a Kindle Fire now. Sure it isn't the Christmas policy, but what's two days difference? I felt very lucky we were the ones to buy the last Kindle they had. I feel bad for the last-minute shoppers though.

But I guess there's no way last-minute shoppers will ever cease exist. And there's no way security cameras will cease to stop recording the chaos that ensues once the shop doors fly open on the 24th. It'll be like Black Friday, only way more intense. Oh well. So anyway, I think Kindle Fire is a good buy, but only if you're seriously going to consider it as a great reader and below average tablet.

Soon I shall root my Kindle Fire and install Android Market on it!


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yesterday i saw one of my

yesterday i saw one of my friends i haven't seen since high school like 3 years ago she was competing with her twin to get the last of something can't remember what and it ended with one of them slamming the others head straight into the handle of a trolley it sounds really bad but was quite funny

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies