Lists are always good.

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Just to say that life has continued to treat me wonderfully. Let's take a look at the reasons for my happiness in convenient list form, shall we?

Reason #1: I finally bought that gay pride ring I found, and I'm wearing it on a chain as a necklace. Will anyone notice and ask about it? Who knows. Maybe they'll just assume that I enjoy rainbows.

Reason #2: My best friend and are FINALLY gonna hang out outside of school. She continues to be wonderful towards me. My only problem with her right now is she texted me last night saying she's been feeling suicidal. I spent the whole night worrying about her, but today she's been happy and normal. And whenever I see her at school, she's always in a cheerful and giddy mood. I don't get it.

Reason #3: Brittany (AKA newspaper girl. I'm just gonna call her by her first name). We're talking a lot more now. She gushed about how adorable I looked in my new awesome hat during P.E, and we talked some during journalism. Another downside to the happy: I won't be in P.E with her anymore after Christmas break. I'm still thinking about dropping health to stay in P.E. Can't make a decision. Also, one of the girls who constantly talks to Brittany during P.E and never shuts up might switch to journalism next semester. If that happens, I will literally cry in frustration. She will NOT ruin my chances! But yeah, we're talking, and I feel confident.

I guess that's it. I mean, I dunno. I've just been so content lately and the reasons for it aren't huge and there aren't that many. If anything, there are a lot of things that should be bringing me down right now. But they're not. I'm still feeling confident, still feeling positive. This is weird, because usually it's just a short phase and then the miserable kicks in and it just switches back and forth. I think I'm changing, and for the better.


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I'll admit I'm semi-reliving

I'll admit I'm semi-reliving good times in school vicariously through this post. Your rainbow ring neckalce sounds pretty cool..I bet people will notice it. Maybe newspaper girl will notice it, reach for it to examine it a little better..haha. As for dropping health, If you don't need aymore p.e., I'd stick with health. It seems like you're friends enough with this girl to get her digits and go to a movie together or somthing, I'm sure she'd love hanging out with you outside of the school.

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Yeah. Probably best that I

Yeah. Probably best that I stay in health. Everybody keeps telling me that it's time for me to ask for her number, but I just...I dunno. I think it would be awkward. What sucks is that if she were just some regular girl, I wouldn't have a problem asking her for her number, but now everything's all complicated because I'm crushing on her. Jesus.

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Complicated? Yeahh

Complicated? Yeahh but..exciting! Maybe if there is some school play or event or local show or something you're interested in going to, bring it up to her. If she's interested, propose you meet up together there and mention that you guys should swap numbers in case you can't find each other. Just an option. :)

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Wow... glad that this

Wow... glad that this construct is having a good day... :(
I am certianly not, being stuck out here in human world :(

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Oh my god. Please don't

Oh my god. Please don't poison my journal with your negativity. I've been extremely patient with you, trying to give you the best advice I can, and now you're leaving this negative comment on my happy, positive journal? Um, no. I don't think so.

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I'm sorry, but you are being kind of a downer. I understand things look depressing to you right now but in all honesty you shouldn't pushing your negativity into a place based on positive attitudes. That's just mean, man.

An optimist sees the glass half full, and a pessimist sees the glass half empty. But a realist however, realizes that sooner or later he's going to eventually have to clean the glass.