Musical counting

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I was looking at music with unusual time signatures, and I was wondering if you guys could find the beat in these weird songs.

It started yesterday when one of my friends, we were talking about something about Pink Floyd, and the song Money which is in 7/4 time, and I was like, woah, that's weird.

We've had trouble in orchestra before when we tried to play a piece in 7/4 time, but sitting here I can figure it out, it isn't that hard, just 7 beats, a little different than the 4 we're always used to.

But times get weirder, I found this song, Upstart, that's in (3(2/3))/4 time, or 3 and 2 thirds 4 time, if you couldn't get that, from my thing.

Which is interesting, really interesting. I mean, I can still count it by dividing each beat into thirds, 123 123 123 12 and then next measure, it's kinda weird with the last beat cut off, but I can figure it out.

Then, a song I still can't find the beat for, I'm not sure if it's too fast or something...

If you can't find where the measures are, a hint is the song's in 11/8 time.

And I can't find the beat for this one either...

If you can't figure out this one, hint hint, it's in 13/4 time.

And then this one, where I can't even find the beats, let alone the measure divisions, although I'm pretty sure that's partly because the beats are REALLY FAST

Now that one, I'm not sure how anyone ever learns it. The song's in 33/8 time, and if I can't find the beat at all even just listening to it, then playing it must be a real bitch.

And then this last one, which the time is so weird and variable I think the composer's just kinda fucking with us

You might notice that the first bar is in 142/8 time, the next is in 87/8 time, and the next is 42/8 time. And it never settles in in the piece, I'm not sure if each measure is a different time signature, but that must be REALLY hard to count...


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Forever indefatigable!

Quite interesting (and commendable) observations. I suspect, however, that you've exceeded the comprehension of many of your fellow Oasies...

But... don't let that stop you! :)