My crush confuses me!! :S

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Ahhhh.... My crush is so FUCKING confusing! Sometimes he is very flirty with me and very nice and other times he is like if I didnt exist.
Here I've got many times when he is flirty or kind with me

Once we were on Spanish class that is almost literature and the teacher told us that we had to write the time that we saw the most beautiful person in our life. 
Half of the class invented the story. Then I realized he was staring at me various times and we made eye contact various times for a long time and sometimes he made silly faces or looked away quickly.

He had hugged me twice. The first time some friend had to bring a cake but he didn't and the thing reapeated a lot but then the teacher said that I have to bring the cake. Then the other day in the first hour of school we had some class named group direction and I told him that I bringed the cake, then he went from normal to extra happy and gave me a hug and the second one was in the middle of the hallway, I was watching the view and he just hugs me.

He doesn't matter if I touch him. Once I putted my hand in his hand and he didn't matter ( I think two friends saw me doing that :S. )

Once in geometry class I had my capucha (I don't know how tho translate that, but is the thing that all the hoodies or jackets have for when it rains you cover your head) on and he puts his hand and takes of my capucha and says "you look better without that" and his eyes had the pupil dilated and were almost glowing even thought there was a lot of light!

He takes me to random places. Just the two of us when he can have a whole crowd by his feet.

Once for a presentation in social studies I had something done and he changed all and putted a image of a fox saying "I'm thinking about you" but then he changed it :(. When I asked him about that pic he said "Did you saw that?" with a little bit of shame

Always when we are alone he asks me for my old crush, actual crush or if I have a girlfriend.

I'm always the first person to be asked if he can stay in my house when my group hangs out.

He was the first person that noticed that I bite myself and told me that I had to stop when the other people that noticed didn't told me anything.

He always ask me if I could follow him to many places (bathroom, cafeteria, random class...)

We make eye contact a LOT and for a long time!

Once I told another friend about my feelings for him and she told me that he may like me <3

Sometimes I feel like if we were friends, more than friends and strangers!

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Why don't you ask him?... It

Why don't you ask him?... It sounds to me like he likes you :D All he can do is say no... you have a 50% shot of getting a boyfriend... isn't that wonderful... a 50% shot... and guess what the other 50% is... someone who will think that you just gave them a compliment becuase you said that you like them. This guy seems like that type. So thier for it will make your friendship stronger... so you should like totally go for it :D

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I was going to do it on a

I was going to do it on a party when we were alone, but some friend convinced me not to do it. And I won't see him until Jan 23 when school starts!

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Don't lisitin to that

Don't lisitin to that friend... trust me when I say that the next time you two are alone... you need to talk about it or you will regret it. Trust me I know... do it and you will feel so much better, and don't forget about that 50% chance :D

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If this is not common...

...behavior where you live (I don't know), he definitely wants to be a special friend.

Cherish that! If either of you want more... give it time until you both feel the same way! :)

I think you will be looking forward to a great 2012!


btw... I think the word you're looking for is "hoodie" or "hoody."

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I think he's referring more

I think he's referring more the the hood of the hoodie. He said the part that you put over your head when it rains, so he knows what a hoodie is, just not the word for capucha, which is hood.